Iolite WISPR Vaporizer

The Iolite WISPR vaporizer on a table

Sshhhh! The WISPR vaporizer is the next-generation of butane-fueled vaporizer from Ireland manufacturer, Oglesby & Butler, the creators of the first truly portable vaporizer in 2008 known as the Iolite. This time O&B has taken a time machine back to the 1970’s with their “walkie-talkie” design on the WISPR vaporizer. This vaporizer is a bit wider and squarer than the futuristic-style design of the Iolite. Weighing in at 126 grams (4.5oz), the WISPR vaporizer is available in five different colors. Read our Iolite WISPR vaporizer review if you want some more information about this cool new vape!

The WISPR vaporizer comes with 2 instruction manuals, one carrying pouch, 1 packing tool, 1 moisture condenser, 1 set of screens, cleaning tools and two extra mouthpieces. See pictures below for details.

Although the look of the WISPR vaporizer could make one assume that it is a predecessor to the Iolite, the WISPR solves a lot of the concerns of Iolite classic customers.

First of all, the WISPR vaporizer is not as warm to the touch as the Iolite, which makes it more comfortable to hold in your hand for any duration of time. It also makes this portable vaporizer more appealing to carry around and use on the go. The WISPR will get warm in use, but not uncomfortably so.

The very visible fuel level window is a new feature that shows the amount of butane fuel in the vaporizer. No need to play guessing games on how much butane is inside. This new feature is fantastic, especially for forgetful stoners like me. One Butane filling of the WISPR vaporizer seems to last a bit longer than the Iolite as well (approximately 2-3 hours).

The filling chamber has been made slightly larger, and is much easier to fill. The design places the filling chamber on the attachment, rather than on the device itself, which makes the process of adding your herbs a little less time-consuming and cumbersome.  A smoking session will last for around 15 minutes.

The new, softer Silicone “straw”, with it’s cooling tip, makes for a smooth inhaling experience. It can easily be folded back into the design of the WISPR. The design of the Iolite wasn’t flexible, which makes it a bit awkward to carry around if you’re trying to be discreet. The mouthpiece of the WISPR folds down which also locks the chamber in, so it can’t open in your pocket. The silicone material of the straw is an excellent heat insulator.

Which is an added bonus.

Although the Iolite WISPR vape probably will be the portable vaporizer to beat on the market, like the Iolite, it still lacks a customized temperature control feature that allows the temperature to be adjusted.

You can take me back to the 70’s with the design, but, at least take me back to the 90’s with the cost. Or, at least knock off a few bucks until you folks at Oglesby & Butler work out that customized temperature control thingy for the WISPR.

Probably the best practical feature of the WISPR vaporizer, and the one that will make it the prime vaporizer on the market in the future, is how quickly it turns on. With an ingeniously simple two-click button design, the first press halfway down delivers the butane to the heating chamber. The next press down starts the heating process.

Within two minutes the device reaches, and steadily maintains, the designated temperature of 190C (347F). An orange temperature control light on the vaporizer indicates optimal temperature when the light switches off.

The most astonishing feature is that the WISPR vaporizer creates a surprising amount of visible vapor for its size. The heating regulator keeps a steady temperature, making the amount of vapor consistent without fluctuations. The device is also less noisy than it’s predecessor, making its’ name well deserved.

Update: The new WISPR does NOT have a clear butane window. The company is using different materials now.


  • The Gimp Poet

    I own an original Iolite and a WISPR.  I am still using the original model for now, because the vapor drawn on the WISPR is so hot as to be uncomfortable.  Waiting for a mouthpiece extender or similar accessory,.

    Your comment that “The new design places the filling chamber on the attachment, rather than
    on the device itself, which makes the process of adding your herbs a
    little less time-consuming and cumbersome.” is somewhat deceiving.  Both devices’ filling chambers are directly attached to the mouthpiece of the vaporizer, and removal and replacement on the original is, in my opinion, as easy as on the WISPR.

    • Anonymous

      Hi The Gimp Poet. Thanks you for your comment. I agree. The WISPR mouthpiece can become very warm on the lips. Since the first WISPR review, the Vape Buster team has done some more testing. We’ve noticed that if you pull slower from the mouthpiece, wrapping the lips more around area of the tube, but not squeezing the lips tightly around it, and leaving the mouth slightly open to allow air in from around the mouth, the mouthpiece will not become so warm. Give it a try. It worked for us.

      I also agree with you about my comment about the filling chamber. This was simply a mistake on my part. I should not have used the word “new”, but I should have simply said, “The design places the filling chamber on the attachment…” etc. I was trying to describe the mouthpiece design of both the Iolite and the WISPR, and using the word “new” does not make that point clear, and makes the statement misleading. But, this kind of thing can happen, when you’re stoned writing vape articles. Lol. Thanks for catching the error. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Iolite, and I hope those tips about the mouthpiece help. Let us know. Thanks and happy vaping! Peace.


      • Gimp Poet

        Hi Pasha,
        I have taken to using a mouthpiece extender off of my iolite to give the mouthpiece another couple of inches and it seems to work very well.

        I live close to Modesto, CA now. Wahoooo! 🙂

    • Mathew

      Hello Gimp Poet – I have read that the WISPR produces a better/denser vapor. Would you agree?

  • Duffer

    Great review. I’ve recently got myself the WISPR directly from O & B and perhaps because I was being slightly cautious, it being the first time I used a vaporizer and because of the fact it’s powered by butane, I was inhaling as described above and had no experience of hot vapor.

    One thing that I’m unsure of is how long it lasts as the review mentions 15 minutes. I drew vapor for a good 15 minutes and I noticed that there was still visible vapor at the end but I was completely mashed (don’t even mention the headache that I had the morning after) that I switched it off. So, my question is how does one know when to stop? When there is no longer any visible vapor when you exhale or at around the 15 minute mark? I checked the herb inside and it was a greeny-brown colour.

    Some observations I made: the packaging was first class, a premium product with a great design, some what slightly let down by the clumsy plastic switch which in my opinion is a bit too stiff (two handed operation required) so much so that I feared I would break it it trying to switch it off. I presume over the course of time, through experience and use, the process becomes a lot easier with one handed operation.

    Now that I have rested and recovered from my hangover (all of Wednesday morning and only subsided in the afternoon), I’ll give the WISPR a second try this evening (Thursday) and perhaps make sure that I’m well hydrated during the day to avoid a similar headache. Now, I’m tempted to use the vaporized herb from Tuesday night’s session to drain it completely of its THC content, or should this be avoided?

  • Gimp Poet

    Hi Mathew.  I do find that the WISPR produces a denser vapor.  I also really like the indicator light, which makes it simple to know when it is ready for use again.  Simplicity is important after you’ve had several inhalations. 😉

    • Duffer

      Hello Gimp Poet, regarding the indicator light, do you mean you wait for the light before you inhale again? For example, switch it on, the orange lights goes on and then after a minute or so it goes off meaning its ready, then you inhale. Do you then wait for the light to come back on and then go off before inhaling again? I just keep going regardless of the light, I presumed the light was just telling me its vaping, and when it goes off the first time its ready for use. And then it continues to go thru the cycles to maintain the perfect temperature?

      • Gimp Poet

        Yes, I will wait for the orange light to cycle through and go off before I take a hit; however, years of singing have given me considerable long capacity and breath control. When the light goes off, I take a very deep hit (to about an eight second count) and hold it until the unit light comes on to cycle again. I then exhale and take another hit when the light goes off. Lather, rinse, repeat. So in fact while I am “waiting”, I am holding a large hit. I always still see vapor when I exhale. Using this method, I am always hitting, holding or exhaling.

  • Gimp Poet

    Hahaha!! So very true, Pasha.  Is that responsible journalism?  LOL.

    I too have employed the technique of “gently mouthing” the mouthpiece and even alternating small puffs of air with vapor.  Thanks for posting this so that others can see it too.

    Another alternative, for those who own an Iolite and a WISPR, is to use the mouthpiece extensions from the original Iolite.  It would be nice to have the option of a silicone hose extension available, though.

    Love your products!

  • Guest

    So what’s the bottom line? If I was getting a new vape now, should I go for the Wispr or the iolite (Considering it’s cheaper by about 40%) – what would you reccomend?


    • vaporizerblogger

      The vaping technology (convection) is basically the same. For a lot of previous Iolite users, the WISPR is an upgrade in terms of features and usability.

      It just works faster, smoother and easier. What’s important is that any vaporizer will eventually pay for itself because of the amount of bud you save. Depending on how you use it of course. You need to test and see what works best for you.

      If money is tight, go for the Iolite Classic but if you’ve got some extra to spare now, go for with the WISPR.

  • Radmotion

    How many Hits does one get of 1 Single Full Loaded Bowl ?

    • Yep

      The herb inside needs to be ground first so that it’s like ‘shake.’ I’d say you get twice as much so, for example, you pull twice as much for a shorter period of time and with different, cleaner results. It’s a personal preference – you have to figure it out yourself as with any device.

  • vaporizerblogger

    Sorry to hear that your having problems with your new WISPR. When you turn it off it should go off. I suggest you return the device. Try the shop that you bought it from.

  • Junkaholic

    Hello… I just purchased one of these units locally in Vancouver.  Thus far, I have not had any problems.  I would agree, the vapor can get hot if you ‘suck hard’ so i’m training myself to just take small inhales.  I don’t think the vapor is going anywhere.  Also its strange that sometimes you get a huge amount of vapor other times none, I chalk that up to i haven’t bought a grinder yet, so my herb is coarse.  My friend and I were also wondering, when to stop?  When is it done.  I would certainly say that a full chamber would work for two people quite well.  So, when its just myself, I’m packing 1/2 or less of the chamber.   I heard from another site people saying, “bad device as you’re inhaling butane”.  I don’t agree with this.  Besides I only inhale when its not running the burner.  Yes, the ignitiion switch is clunky and quirky, but I am careful with it.  I also load it sideways, altho’ the guy at the store loaded it upright, i thought the herb would fall out, it didn’t.  Still i turn it sideways. 
    Overall I love it, wonder as others why I didn’t switch before.  I do miss spliff (they had a unique effect on me, they went right to my er… you know), but this is much healthier.  Case in point: after a night of spliffs, swimming 40 laps was difficult.  Tonight I went for a jog after having imbibed on the Wispr for 4 nights in a row and… I ran like the wind… lungs didn’t complain in any way.  At this stage of life (45), I don’t wanna hurt poor lungs anymore than I have to anymore.  I’m happy with my purchase.  I do believe I will purchase the most expensive butane to keep the device happy. 

    • vaporizerblogger

      We always love to hear real user stories. Really love the way that you take such good care of your new WISPR. I think you should definitely get a grinder. That way you’ll be more efficient with your herbs and use less of it. Using the best butane is also a smart move. I’ve heard plenty of stories that the normal type of butane just doesn’t agree with the WISPR or Iolite for that matter. I’m glad that you found our blog and left a comment with your experience. One thing that’s really important for me to read in your comment is that you really experienced the health benefits of using a vaporizer instead of smoking. We can write all we want about it, but when people like yourself take the effort to educate and inform others about the health benefits, that’s when things start changing. Thanks.

  • Mike

    So I live at 8200 ft and have read mixed reviews on the product working above 5000 ft. I’m also at the 12,000 to 13,000 ft levels often in the winter. What about temperature? It’s often between 0-32 F outside for me? What do you think? Before I purchase this product, is it the right product for me? Or would another portable (possibly battery charged) vaporizer be better? Also, I travel a lot by plane. I’m guessing I would have to be buying butane at every location because flammables in luggage are not allowed? Which makes me think the rechargable is possibly the better option?

    • vaporizerblogger

      It seems you have found the answer. In your case I would definitely go with a battery powered portable vape. The arizer solo comes to mind. I don’t think the MFLB is such a good candidate for air travel, because it is harder to clean, with all the wood and all.

  • Demona

    My heating chamber stopped working after only a couple months. It uses the butane, but the indicator light doesn’t come on and no heat happens. I loved it while it worked, but it sure didn’t last long for the price.  

    • vaporizerblogger

      Sorry to hear that you had such short pleasure from your WISPR. I hope you were able to get a new one. They have to replace it with a working one as sometimes the WISPR is having some issues. I know the manufacturer is fully aware of these and getting a new one shouldn’t be much off a problem.

  • Kelley

    How do i know that I am not inhaling butane with my product?

    • vaporizerblogger

      I don’t think it is possible that you would be actually inhaling butane when using the WISPR or the Iolite for that matter. If you still are concerned about this I would recommend that you have look at the Arizer Solo or the Magic Flight Launch Box. Both operate on electricity.

  • Skipj

    I am considering buying the Wispr by Iolite.  I like the Wispr because it does not need to be plugged in, but we would be sharing it among four or five friends and it seems to be more of a one person vaporizer.  Do you recommend the Wispr for group use?  Is there some sort of a whip that attaches to the mouth piece to make sharing easier?  Thanks.

    • vaporizerblogger

      Hi, the WISPR is best used for 2 persons max. Maybe 3 but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you don’t mind refilling all the time you can certainly do it. Instead I would more likely get an Arizer Extreme Q for this purpose.

  • Mikerammer

    My biggest concern is odor. I purchased a Da Buddha and while it operates wonderfully, it still admits an odor that can be tied to MJ use. I’m looking for a portable vap that will eliminate the odor. How is the WISPR in that regard?

    • vaporizerblogger

      Vaporizing generates a lot less smell, but it still smells. A lot depends on how you use it. Fortunately vapor does not linger like smoke does. Vapor dissipates much more quickly. Just keep in mind that more vapor exhaled is more potential smell. The longer you hold in the vapor, the more is absorbed by your lungs, and the less is exhaled This creates less odor then if you were making vapor clouds.

      You might consider the airflow, the layout of the room, how much you vape, how you store your raw herb, etc…It is usually a much different smell then smoke produces. The smell is more close to that of the raw herb itself.

      The WISPR isn’t that much different in my opinion than the Solo or the Vapir NO2. If you are concerned with stealth, you need to consider that the WISPR does make the hissing noise. A lot of people mention that they wouldn’t use it in a theater for instance. If you are vaping at home then this doesn’t matter that much.

      Are you sure you are cleaning the bowl after use and not setting the temp to high? Swab the bowl with a dry qtip or with a touch of iso to clean it to get rid of the smell.

      Another cheap, easy alternative is to get an air filter. Maybe get a fan and point it outwards so it blows air out the window. Just make sure the air can flow into your room, so don’t block the doorframe.

      Hope it helps.

  • Lana

    I really enjoy the WISPR, however I notice I have a horrible taste in my mouth that does not taste like weed. It is a very bitter taste and I am wondering if anyone else experiences this?

  • Jordan

    I love the WISPR. It has been a great vape for me, perfect for 1 or 2 people. uses very little product and produces a long lasting and intense high. Very little time to heat up and easy to refill with butane. The only problem i found is that they arent made very durable. I never dropped mine and was very careful with it but i’ve had to send it in for a warranty replacement twice already. They’ve been good about replacing it when needed but the fact that ive had to get a new one from them twice is kinda rediculous. Still very worth the purchase in my opinion

    • Hi Jordan, Thanks for giving your opinion on the WISPR. It is a great little vape. I also wish they made it a bit more consistent with manufacturing quality.

  • bonwil

    Very disappointed in my Iolite Whispr. It got very hot and burned my throat and lungs. I got a sore throat every time I used it. I also could taste the butane and wonder how great that could be for the body. The whole point of vaporizing is to protect my lungs and body from smoke and tar. If I replace that with singed throat and lungs and who knows what from the butane inhalation, what is the point. I did manage to alter the heat issue by adding a straw from my Vapir to the built in straw. But that was unwieldy and unattractive, not to mention annoying when it fell off repeatedly. The portability and discretion are diminished by the loud hissing and need to carry a big ol butane can around if you plan to share with others or be out and about for the day/evening. The greatest disappointment is the quality. After several months of light usage and careful handling, it stopped working! The ignitor failed to ignite anymore. I read this was a common malady. Having paid full price of $269 for a few months of use is maddening. To my chagrin, they reduced the price by $100 on Amazon – likely because of the bad reviews. Don’t waste your money on this product. It has a long way to go in the design and engineering dept.

    • T

      It comes with a 2 year warranty. You are sucking to hard. You have to wait 5-10 minutes between butane filling/usage and vice versa.

  • MaryJane

    New user, starting to get sicker after using….horrible joint pain to the point it is difficult to walk, knees ache…..feel like I’m being poisoned. Clean diet, Pure actually, therefore, I know it has to be the Iolite..It’s the only new thing in my life. I am not doing anymore to see how soon my symptoms disappear….hopefully quickly!

  • BoughtWispr

    Dont waste your time

    I got a Wispr from the IOLITE website directly. I was impressed with it for about 2 weeks before the unit stopped producing vapor. I contacted the manufacturer but at my own cost i would have to ship it back to them. This make thing annoying especially considering what it took to get it ship to mh county in the first place.

    Overall i would say, dont get one.

    • Maharsi

      Clean your tools son. All you needed to do was take apart the chamber and dump it into iso and let it soak. Toss it back together and get blown away. Clean it frequently, keeps the flavor better.

  • David

    I own two, the first broke twice, the 2nd just broke after about 3 weeks. either the gas tank get cracked or it would just stop lighting. tried different types of butane/gas. The company US Customer server is horrible, my 2nd device was sent to them over 6 weeks a go and i still haven’t received it. although i bought two, the device tends to break easily and customer service is just horrible. i would recommend buying a different one, any one can recommend better ones?

  • marcus

    Can you smell it?

    • In our testing not much herb smell. You can sometimes smell the butane though.

  • tack

    I just got a WISPR, feel like im doing something wrong. I dont get barely any vapor cloud or visible vapor when im exhaling. Does it really have to heat up, like go thru 3 or more cycles of heating? Just curious, i have been messing with it, but its nothing like the videos ive seen with big vapor clouds.

  • Flight614

    I just got a wispr and its my first vape, and I just tried it. I found 1…it took along time to heat up… 2…I didnt get thick vapor until I was already ripped and had to shut it off. Now I barely tasted the herbs, but I was told the flavor would be stronger. But feel like the job was done, pain…gone… However I also was told that I wouldn’t cough nearly as much as smoking, but I coughed alot. I really hoped it was going to help with that, can anyone tell me how I can avoid coughing so much?

  • I just got a wispr vaporizor and have a few questions about it… When are you finished with it, do you vape until its black? Or is it long before that and I’m wasting my breath lol? I just vape until the pain is gone and sometimes thats not for a long time so it starts to taste like burnt popcorn and I start coughing…is it finished at that point? This is my first vape., so I really have no clue. Also how do you avoid coughing so much, should I shut it off at a certain point to avoid the vapor getting too hot?

    • Hi, It seems to me that your herb is burning. It shouldn’t turn black… Are you perhaps inhaling to frequently? Do you have to refill the butane quickly?

  • Carl wood

    Could you tell me how to change the metal filter please..?

  • StonerBlazerToker

    When you stop seeing vapor, is it time to refill your Wispr; and when you can no longer see fuel in the window, does that mean its time to refill?

  • casper

    can i use hash in a wispr ? (:

    • I seriously doubt that would give you desirable results

  • Andrii

    I’ve got this thing at the end of 2013. Now it’s called Wispr 2. It comes out with clear butane window and updated ignition system. I’m heavy using it for third month and pretty glad. One small downside is it designed to cannabis use only(to be honest we buy vaporizers to vape cannabis first of all.). Hence vapor of other herbs may not test so good(because of too high temperature for them). But still it’s one of the best vaporizers in a market.


    I’m wanting to get an extention pipe for my wispr, is anyone aware of any that already exist? Or even the best size of silicone tubing to get?
    I intend to get a corded whip (tube) and a glass mouth piece, using the wispr like a hukka..

    And help is appreciated..