Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano vaporizer digital reviewThe Volcano vaporizer, by German-based company Storz & Bickel, is the “800-pound gorilla in the room” when it comes to high quality vaporizers.

The undisputed heavyweight champ of vapes, the Volcano has set the bar high when it comes to quality, durability and performance. Not to mention price.

It sells for between $500+ (Classic) and $600+ (Digital) USD, is at the outer reaches, in terms of price, for the average vaporizer user.

But, As with any good vaporizer it is well worth the investment in your health. Read on to find out what makes it different from other vaporizers. Be sure to watch the video too.

It comes in two styles. The Classic has a dial-style design that allows you to set your desired vape temperature. The dial is numbered “1” through “9”, and the manual that comes with the Classic has a diagram that explains how the numbers indicate a temperature range. According to the Storz & Bickel website, the temperature range of the “classic” is between 130°C and 230°C (266° and 446°F).

The digital has a very large and easily readable LED display with big green “+” and “-” buttons to manually adjust its vape temp. Another handy feature of the digital version is the auto switch-off function.The temperature range for the “Digit” is between 40°C and 230°C (104°F and 446°F). The difference in temperature ranges between the two has to do with the digital accuracy of the “Volcano Digit”. Dig it?

Both the “Classic” and the “Digital” use “Easy Valve” and “Solid Valve” balloon technology. Honestly, I really don’t know what this means…lol. But seriously it’s a matter of preference. The Solid Valve is durable, re-usable and you can choose your balloon size. It’s cheaper than the Easy Valve but you’ll have to put some work into it, take it apart and clean it. The Easy Valve is basically maintenance free, no cleaning involved but it has a pre-set balloon. The Solid Valve will help save a few dollars over the long term, since the balloons can be purchased separately, as compared to the easy valve where the balloons have to be replaced together with the valve.

What can I say, it’s all in the name…the Easy Valve is ‘Easy’.

I think I would have to own one for about a year to fully appreciate the difference between the valve systems. To me, it’s a matter of durability. It’s cool tech though. Just push in the valve attached to the balloon and the vapor is released, ready to be inhaled.

Anyway, I do wonder why the Volcano vaporizer uses only the balloon, and not a wand whip as well. I would like to see a vape chamber attachment, on the Classic and the digital, with a wand whip valve attachment. It is an industrial-sized piece of equipment though. Maybe that’s why.

The filling chamber is pretty big. My guess is that you could get a good 2-2.5 grams of your finest “cheeba-cheeba y’all” in there.

But, I wouldn’t suggest doing that. Unlike a smoking bowl or bong, it’s not necessary to pack your “pot”-pourri in tight. It’s a good idea to leave some room for the hot air from the heating chamber to circulate and properly vape your buds.

So is it worth it?  If money is no object I’d recommend you buy a Volcano, because it is the best herbal vaporizer and it will last you a very long time because of the build quality.

It even serves a dual purpose as a restaurant or home kitchen appliance as well. Read more about that in my “cooking with the Volcano” article.

Now your probably thinking: How much does it cost? Well, the Volcano is the Maybach of modern vaporizers. Like a Maybach, it probably is a bit on the expensive side for most aspiring users.

  • Hi Luke, You have such a specific question or should I say specific situation. See it this way. You know the Vicks vaporub stuff? In essence when you put it on it vaporizes and you inhale it and through your nose and mouth it does its work. If you decide to start again be assured that vaporization is the ONLY way to go for you. Just keep in mind that you get one with a very good temperature control as you will need to find the best temp settings for yourself. This puts you in the high-end category if you want to do it regularly. If not so regularly you could get away with a regular model. Send us an email or comment when you actually want to get one and we’ll help from there.. ok?