viVape Vaporizer

The VaporFection viVape vaporizer in whiteThe viVape vaporizer, from the 8-year old VaporFection manufacturer, is making the competition run back fast to research and development.

Designed with some of the most advanced vaporizing technology on the market, the VaporFection viVape vaporizer is clearly the vaporizer for the competition to beat.

The attractive, sleek and clean design of the viVape makes it extremely commercial-friendly. The invention of this vaporizer is another sign that the stigma of using vaporizers for consumption of “alternative medicinal products” is continuing to dissipate.

The viVape is the descendant of the “Stealth” series of vaporizers from VaporFection, which has been considered a quality product by consumers since it was created in 2003. If any company has the experience to create such a revolutionary vaporizer, it’s VaporFection. The company, which proudly boasts a “made in the U.S.A” motto, has rebranded its packaging with a new style that is very similar to Apple’s branding.

In the spirit of Apple and Steve Jobs (RIP), VaporFection, I must admit, has revolutionized technology, vaporizer-style. And, even though an Apple loyalist like me (I’m typing this on an Apple MacBook that I am synching with my iPhone at this moment) doesn’t consider the rebrand as very original, it doesn’t seem to be bothering viVape consumers.

Actually, this blatant similarity to Apple’s product design may be a benefit to viVape users. As far as being discreet goes, if using the viVape vaporizer to consume cannabis in public places, this vape could be as stealth as the name of its predecessors.

Approximately the width and length of an iPhone, and about as thick as 3 iPhones stacked on top of one another, the viVape could easily look like an Apple hard drive with some weird tube (wand whip) or plastic balloon attached to it to the unsuspecting eye.

To those familiar with vaporizers, you will appreciate the dual functionality of the viVape. This handheld piece of advanced tech can utilize either a wand or balloon attachment, unseen on any other vaporizer of the same size out there. It also uses glass-heating elements instead of other materials (metal, plastic etc.), which makes the viVape vaporizer the leader in pure vaporization technology.

Like an iPhone, the viVape vaporizer uses touch screen technology that allows the user to select a custom temperature (up to 190°C or 374°F) and also select the “Balloon” or “Wand Whip” feature. As much as I dislike the blatant rip-off of Apple’s branding, this feature kind of makes me want to forget about it. I mean it is ingenious.

The viVape vaporizer also features an LED to signify when the desired temperature has been reached. And, there’s no need to worry about forgetting to turn off this vaporizer. It features an automatic shut off timer. It heats up fast (under two minutes) and shuts off by itself. All it needs now is a “Sleep” mode, like my MacBook.

Released in October 2011, the viVape has a clean design and provides a clean vaporizing experience. Honestly, I think the viVape vaporizer is more for the experienced and discriminating vaporizer user.



  • Joe

    I tried one of these before buying my Volcano (I also own an Extreme Q, Solo, Vapir NO2, MFLB, and All Glass VG, … ) and although it produced decent vapor quality in whip mode I thought on a whole it had major flaws and returned it promptly and exchanged it and am I ever glad I did.  Some of my complaints are as follows:
    – fan is always on and the air is hot and it heats the room up quite a bit
    – unit itself gets pretty hot (although it heats up quickly so you don’t have to leave it on too long)
    – bag system took FOREVER to fill (manufacturer claimed it was a defective bowl that they would replace but was rather rude when I voiced my concern over some aspects of the product as opposed to listening to me carefully and acting accordingly)

    Anyways, just thought I’d give my 2 cents.

    • vaporizerblogger

      Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience. I always hate it when manufacturers get like this when you point out flaws with their product. I know the viVape is pretty new and that they are working on some of the problems you metioned, but I think they don’t have any right to treat you like that.

  • Crash

    The viVape is a very nice vaporizer. It heats up quick and produces huge clouds of vapor. Once you get the hang of using it, you can heat it up, use it, and have it cooling down in minutes. I have no idea about the comment of heating the room up unless you live in a box. My only problem is the tubing picks up a smell after heavy use and needs to be replaced. It is nice the fan is always on. You just pull out the glass when you are not using it and the fan makes for effortless draw. My best vaporizer purchase yet!