Verdamper Vaporizer

The Verdamper vaporizer

“Huh?!” At First Sight…

My first response when testing this monstrosity was, “It’s tall, It’s glass, I’ll break it.”

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I‘m a clumsy dude and tall glass things and me don’t have a lasting relationship.

I had this really (really) nice 2-ft. hand-blown green glass bong from West Virginia. One day I was watching TV and…well, you already know the rest of the story.

The Verdamper, named after Dutch creator Evert De Verdamper is the most popular Dutch-made vaporizer out there. Although the Verdamper vaporizer doesn’t really show off Dutch design ingenuity as a vaporizer it does take the concept of vaporizing very literally. I mean it’s a bong with a heating device attachment. So what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that when using the Verdamper you’re vaporizing with a filtration system. Vaping itself is a very clean and healthy way to consume cannabis. And with the Verdamper you have the added feature of water filtration, which gives you an even cleaner and more flavorful taste when vaping. The Verdamper, Dutch for “Vaporizer” is one of only two vaporizers on the market with a water filtration system.

The Vape of Frankenstein…

It’s not a very fun-looking device. In my opinion, the makers of the Verdamper didn’t take much time to think about design. It looks like they didn’t make any big leaps from its first prototype in 1995. The Verdamper vaporizer was developed by a Czech medicinal glass manufacturer and I have a feeling form was not as much of a priority as functionality was. But it’s a cool contraption for the science geek and it vaporizes your herb like no other.

The Verdampers heating chamber is a separate glass device connected to an electronic power supply by a very cumbersome electrical cord. There is no temperature control on the Verdamper, but the heating device can increase temperature if you place your hand on top of it to block air from entering. This can be a bit uncomfortable seeing as the heating device can become somewhat hot to the touch. There is a label on the Verdampers heating device warning that it gets hot. And it’s there for a reason. The maximum temperature is 200°C (392°F).

Although the Verdamper vaporizer is considered one of the better vaporizers on the market I’m a little turned off by the price tag. The Verdamper sells for about €300-350 but the design of the thing makes me not want to buy one and instead I feel like buying all the parts and see if I can make it myself. Okay, okay I know that the glass is specially made and it would cost me to find that kind of quality not to mention I would probably never get around to doing it myself. Let’s face it the Verdamper is a good product if not just for the fact that it filters vapor. That’s ingenious. You end up really enjoying some seriously clean taste when you get used to using this vaporizer. But like the Dutch, the Verdamper is very practical and stripped-down to the basic functionality. So as for cool points, the Verdamper vaporizer is about as sexy as George Bush in a thong.

Design Vape-Over

The Verdamper is a very efficient vaporizer that does its job. It’s definitely a conversation piece. But if the Verdamper wants to stay in the market they’ll have to re-tool their creativity and come up with a more user-friendly design. There’s a little too much guessing involved when using the Verdamper. Get a designer or two into that Czech glass factory and come up with something sexier. Here are some of my suggestions.

  • Make it more compact
  • Reduce the size of the heating chamber,
  • Make it more attractive looking
  • Give it a universal power adaptor (it only runs on 220V)
  • Give it a temperature display

The Verdamper provides a flavorful vaping experience; I just prefer something more flavorful in ease of use and design. If you’re not bothered by any of these issues and love the clean taste it delivers then the Verdamper vaporizer is for you.


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