Vaporizing with Legal Herbs

Demonstration of herbal vaporizing

My awareness of the health benefits to using a vaporizer is increasing on a daily basis. I won’t sit here and lie to you and say I eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and vaporize all of my herbs. I don’t. Not even close. My breakfast this morning was a bowl of coffee and two leftover crusts of pizza from last night’s dinner. I had a hash joint for dessert.

Mint Under the MicroscopeBut, the overwhelming amount of information out there about the health benefits of vaporizing herbs in the home (not just cannabis) is overwhelming. It’s becoming hard to ignore if you are interested in vaporizing.

Up until the past few years, the image of the vaporizer was one of an apparatus only for potheads. However, with swift advances in technology in the past several years, increased commercialization, and a rise in the public’s interest in alternative medicine and molecular gastronomy, the stigma of the vaporizer has become vapor itself.

Lavender Also Use for Herbal VaporizerMany vaporizers produced today are labeled as aromatherapy devices and/or herbal oil diffusers for use with “legal” herbs like Peppermint (see microscope shot), Lavender (on the right), St. John’s Wort and even Catnip.

The vaporizer is now considered the number one device for use in alternative medicinal treatments for diseases like cancer, leukemia and AIDS. Scientists and researchers are giving vaporizing high marks as the best approach for effectively ingesting medicinal herbs into the body. Vaporizers have finally come out of the “stoned” age.

Best Herbal Vaporizers

1. The Volcano

The Volcano, produced by German company, Storz & Bickel, is probably the top vaporizer brand on the market today. Touted as the essential device for herbal ingestion, aromatherapy and aromatization (flavoring food with herbal aroma), the Volcano is leading the industry in digital vaporizer technology.

Why? Well, the main reason is that the Volcano vaporizer has an adjustable temperature feature, which allows the heat to be adjusted depending on what herb is being vaporized.

For example, Peppermint, which helps to relieve fatigue when ingested, has a vaporizing temperature of 100°C to 150°C (212°F to 302°F). Where as Jasmine, used as a natural sedative and dietary supplement, has a slightly lower vaporizing temperature of 100°C to 125°C degrees Celsius (212°F to 257°F). Herbs like Ginger, Ginseng and Cannabis have higher vaporizing temperatures of 175°C to 200°C (347°F to 392°F). The Volcano can adjust to your desired low, medium or high temperature depending on the herbs you choose to vaporize. The Volcano also can reach higher temperatures than any other vaporizer on the market (230°C/446°F).

If your thinking whether to buy the Volcano vaporizer or not, you can also read our volcano vaporizer review.

2. The Arizer Extreme Q

Another popular vaporizer marketed as a multi-purpose device (potpourri warmer, essential oil diffuser, etc) has a handy remote control device so you can completely control the unit from a distance. Turn it on and off, set the temperature, set a timer or choose from various control presets.

The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer is perfect for those using it for aromatherapy, as it doesn’t need to be within arms’ reach to control after it is filled with herbs. It’s maximum temperature is 20°C (410°F). Right now, the Arizer is the Volcano’s top competitor.

3. The Verdamper

This vaporizer takes the use of high-quality glass to the next level. The majority of the device is made from it. It vaporizes the active substances in herbs at 200°C (392°F). Although it does not have a temperature control, is does use a water infiltration system to vaporize herbs.

If you’re used to using a bong, the Verdamper will be familiar territory for you. Although it is a bit clumsy in its design, and uses water in close proximity with an electric power supply, the Verdamper has come a long way from it’s initial experimentation phase as a hot air paint stripper connected to a bong. It still has a way to go, however.

So, as far as vaporizers go, there are many on the market. But, if you plan to use your vaporizer as a device for aromatherapy, my suggestion would be to get one that has an adjustable temperature setting. This feature will allow you to vaporize more type of herbs beneficial to your mind, body, heart and home. Happy Vaping!

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