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Made in the USA and designed by two former NASA engineers, the Herbalizer’s brains + looks combo is attracting glowing mainstream media coverage. With good reason […]

2Arizer extreme q vaporizer

Extreme Q Vaporizer

The Canadian Company Arizer has created one of my favorite vaporizers. The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. Although it is not really a portable vaporizer, the Extreme […]

3volcano vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer, by German-based company Storz & Bickel, is the “800-pound gorilla in the room” when it comes to high quality vaporizers. The undisputed heavyweight […]

4The DaBuddha vaporizer

Da Buddha Vaporizer

The Da Buddha vaporizer is a compactly designed vaporizer manufactured by 7th Floor, LLC in Colorado, USA. It’s touted as a “hands free” vaporizer, but I’m […]

5Plenty Vaporizer Review

Plenty Vaporizer

German-based Storz and Bickel, the makers of the ingenious and expensive Volcano, have created their version of the portable vaporizer called the “Plenty”. From first glance, […]

6herbalaire vaporizer

HerbalAire Vaporizer

Those Canadians are looking for the gold medal with the creation of the HerbalAire Vaporizer. Canuck manufacturer Bohdan Petyhyrycz has been in the vaporizer game since […]

7The Silver Surfer vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

The Silver Surfer vaporizer (SSV) was the first vaporizer created by Colorado, USA-based 7th Floor, LLC in Colorado, USA. Introduced in 2002 the Silver Surfer is […]


Verdamper Vaporizer

The Verdamper vaporizer “Huh?!” At First Sight… My first response when testing this monstrosity was, “It’s tall, It’s glass, I’ll break it.” One thing I’ve learned […]

9the Aromed Vaporizer

AroMed Vaporizer

The AroMed vaporizer was definitely created with medicinal marijuana users in mind. Well crafted with German ingenuity, the AroMed is one of the few vaporizers out […]


viVape Vaporizer

The viVape vaporizer, from the 8-year old VaporFection manufacturer, is making the competition run back fast to research and development. Designed with some of the most […]