Vaporizers: The Hot Ones vs The Not-So-Hot Ones

Hot Vaporizer Girl

No. We’re not talking about the heating temperatures of vaporizers. We are going to take a look at the two Best and the two Worst ones on the market. One of these vaporizers has me dropping my jaw. One is on my wish list. Another has me scratching my head. Others have me shaking it, like “Noooo!” I prefer the jaw dropping.

What Makes a Bad Vaporizer?

Basically, a poor score on the same things that make a vaporizer a good vaporizer. Overpricing, poor construction and reliability are some of the main factors. The portable vaporizer market is a fairly new industry, meaning there is still a lot of research and development going on by companies getting a foot in the door. Even vaporizer companies that have been around for a decade, like Vaporfection, are brand new to the portable vaporizer market. Rushing to release a product for profit before its time is a major backfire for rookie companies. But, when it comes to ingesting cannabis and other medicinal herbs, even the worst vaporizers are better than smoking.

Not-So-Hot Vaporizers

1. The Fuji Vaporizer ($250)

Fuji VaporizerFuji is a poor copy of the infamous Volcano vaporizer by Stockz & Bickel. It may cost a third of the price of a Volcano, but you may end up with three times the headache. Many of the parts of the Fuji are poor quality and/or made out of plastic, including the outer container. On the Volcano, the outer cover is made from brushed aluminum, which is less of a worry when it comes to heating up the device. The Fuji doesn’t look like it would have a long life. It’s not very sturdy, and it looks like it would break down if used consistently. Be sure to beware of any vaporizer knock-offs made in China or anywhere else. Invest in the real thing.

2. The Vapir Air One ($149)

Vapir Air One vaporizerMore plastic. The taste is hard to deal with if you are used to using vaporizers. It’s smaller, but I’m still not cool with having a vaporizer that looks like a weapon. It also doesn’t maintain temperature well. The Vapir Air One doesn’t have a good temperature monitoring system. The desired temperature can vary depending on usage. And, both Vapirs are known to break easily from normal use.

What Makes a Good Vaporizer?

Various things, most of which are specific to what the vaporizer is being used for (homeopathic medicinal ingestion, Aromatherapy, Potpourri, Aromatic Infusion, etc.). Brand, construction, performance, durability, price and dependability all play factors in deciding which vaporizer is for you. Let’s take a look at some of the Hot Vaporizers out there that have passed the test.

Hot Vaporizers

1. Extreme Q Vaporizer ($299)

The Extreme Q vaporizerThe Extreme Q is one of my personal favorites and one of the best on the market. Quiet, inconspicuous, reliable and fast, the “Q” has not let me down yet. It’s multi-functionality makes the $300 price tag more attractive. And, that remote control is just a genius addition to an already quality product. I have to give kudos to Arizer, the manufacturer of the Extreme Q, for this one.

2. The Ploom Pax Vaporizer ($249.99)

This little nifty and especially stylish vaporizer is really it. It fits in your pocket effortlessly. It delivers high quality vapor and it is very stealthy. The only thing you really need to take care off with this vape is the fact that you need to keep it clean. It is not cheap, but it is it’s price worthy.

3. The Iolite WISPR ($269)

WISPR Vaporizer by IoliteBy far, one of the most stylish vaporizers on the market, the WISPR has its’ flaws, but is still way ahead of any competition in the portable vaporizer market. Compact, discreet and free from external attachments, the WISPR is ready to use in less than two minutes after turning it on. Stylish, sleek and pocket-sized, this vintage-looking vaporizer is guaranteed to never let you down. This vaporizer has a bit of a hefty price tag, but if it’s about looking hipster while inhaling quality vapor, then the WISPR will put you in the spotlight.

There are many vaporizers on the market, but most of them exist within a grey smoky area between the best and the worst mentioned above. It’s best to do your own research to find out which vaporizer is best for you. Just remember, as with any purchase, you get what you pay for. The standard in quality is elevated every time a new vaporizer is released. Let’s just hope, as the best get better, the worst will get good as well.

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