Vaporizer Benefits

Vaporizer benefits is a summary of all the benefits of vaping with a vaporizer.

Art of Vaporizing Herbs

There are many ways to enjoy a sunny Amsterdam Sunday morning, but walking around the city’s largest woodland, flower hunting with a couple of charming hippies is among the nicest. [click to continue…]

Vaporizing cannabis

Weed smoke. I love it. I like to see the results of my tobacco and THC mixed together in a thin white paper as I exhale a Rasta-sized cloud of cannabis. I especially like hash mixed with tobacco. Since I moved to Amsterdam from the states 4 years ago, I’ve made the transition to the more mellow yellow (or brown, depending on what day it is). Hash has always been very hard (for me) to find in the states, where I grew up. Well, until I got to art school. And, even in those days, I didn’t really have a curiosity about it because I was basically all about the buds. [click to continue…]

Medical marijuana and vaporizersAccording to studies, like the one published by Journal Anesthesiology in 2008, ingesting medicinal marijuana is not as effective as smoking it in the treatment of relieving the symptoms of muscle pain in humans. A study, conducted by Dr. Birgit Kraft, M.D. at the Medical University of Vienna, suggests that ingesting cannabinoids (the active ingredient in marijuana that gives the “high”) can cause more sensitivity in patients suffering from muscle pain. [click to continue…]

vaporizing offers safe delivery of cannabinoids

The best-known potential medical uses of marijuana include pain relief for multiple sclerosis sufferers, as treatment for glaucoma, an appetite stimulant for AIDS patients and an anti-nausea agent for people on chemotherapy. In fact more than 190 conditions and illnesses have at some time shown potential for being treated with marihuana have been identified. We will be highlighting some of these uses in coming months, and various medical users will comment in our blogs. [click to continue…]

e-cigarette: the shape of vapes to come

Clean, compact and convenient, the e-cigarette could be the technology that launches vaporization to the masses, even if it is simply used for nicotine doses. But fears about the long-term effects and lack of transparency in its ingredients are holding it back. [click to continue…]

Vaporization benefits: Active ingredients not destroyed by vaporization
Different then a vaporizer a standard cigarette burns at around 800-900 degrees C. when puffed on, and as high as 1200 degrees C. in brief hotspots. As well as creating combustion pollutants (tars, smoke particles, carbon and nitrogen oxides, etc), the temperature in a tobacco joint is high enough to break down or denature the cannabinoids (plus the smoldering tip continues to waste your weed between puffs). [click to continue…]

vaping better than smoking

Advocates for medical marijuana typically run into arguments about smoking: “No real medicine is smoked; smoking anything is bad for the lungs so why would any doctor recommend something harmful?” [click to continue…]

Whether you are an experienced vaporizer user, just curious or even skeptical, it is worth spelling out the arguments and evidence for why inhalation of vapors is healthier, safer and more economical than any other method of herb ingestion. [click to continue…]

As another alternative to smoking, some people use buds or leaves to make tea, cannabis butter for cooking and eating as cookies or ‘space cake’ for consumption. But this means that the majority (80-90%) of the psychoactive ingredients are metabolized by the liver rather than entering the bloodstream unaltered, making dosage a bit hit and miss. [click to continue…]

Fewer teens are smoking cigarettes these days, but many are nonetheless becoming addicted to tobacco by smoking it with marihuana in joints and blunts. By using a vaporizer, newcomers can avoid nicotine addiction. And it’s never too late for a hardened joint smoker to quit the evil weed without having to sacrifice their love of the holy weed. [click to continue…]

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