I have heard of pioneer vapers using a test tube and Bunsen burner back in the 70s to create a basic vape. The Vaponic creates a proper product out of the concept.

The Vaponic uses a thin tapered glass tube to hold a small hit of herb off the heated surface of a second, enclosing test tube. The rubber and glass mouthpiece holds the inner tube in place and creates an airflow opening.

The problem with a simple glass-and-flame vaporizer is always going to be singing the herb that comes into contact with the glass.

Vaponic makes things a lot easier by simply suspending one tube containing a herb sample inside another. It really is that simple, and all the better for it.


The inner tube is thin and tapered so it can hold a good one hitter’s worth off the surface of the glass outer tube to which a (torch) flame is applied.

The inside tube is held in place by a rubber and glass stopper that also has a hole to allow the air to flow in.


Because you can actually see the herb as you heat (and turn) it in the flame, you can easier judge when it’s reached its maximum use. You can find the right pre-combustion point with more accuracy as a result.

Although the Vaponic is stealthy to use, the need for a hot torch kind of cancels that out. But the result is that you can a good, clean hit of thick vapor.


The tube(s) come with a camoflaged carry case in the guise of a fake felt-tipped pen (Sharpie), into which they slide along with the wire cleaning/packing tool that comes with the Vaponic.

It also comes with a large gauze that can be curled up and loaded with concentrates. It’s low tech but it’s cheap and it does the job.

In fact, this all-glass but effective portable vaporizer that delivers – with some practice – great quality clouds – sounds better and better.


Unlike other heat-and-suck devices, you can see the herb sample, making judging the burn point and vapor sweet spot easier. When starting out, my advice would be ignore the confusing manual which makes it all look way more complicated than it is and use your common sense (or look online) for how-to videos.

I found the Vaponic very stealthy in use, and once I found the aforementioned sweetspot, capable of delivering good thick clouds of potent vapor.

Having read that the Vaponic works better with un-ground herb I tried popping a small chunky budlet straight in – with excellent results! I’m sure many users will find the ability to load without grinding priceless.


Carrying it around between uses was both safe for the glass and discrete thanks to it fitting inside the fake marker pen (sharpie), included.

The multi-functional tool (for cleaning and packing) fits in too, along with the large gauze for handling oils and concentrates.

All in all, a remarkably simple, effective and lightweight vaporizer that is very affordable – the Vaponic is cheaper and better than an old-fashioned glass pipe.


The only real drawback is that you need to use a torch or turbo lighter. Personally, I find this technique just a little on the extrovert side. It subtracts from the stealth, whipping out a roaring blue flame. If that doesn’t bother you – fill your boots.


For the novice user the Vaponic can act a little greedily with the load (low puff count per load). A lot depends on where exactly you apply the heating. Point the flame more or less where the filter is and it doesn’t heat the herb as much as when pointed to the part where the load is.

With the right distance to the torch, inhalation speed, rotation and timing, this is one of the best, most underrated portable devices on the market right now.