Vapir NO2 Vaporizer

Vapir NO2 Vaporizer close up

The California-based Vapir Company, founded in 1997, has breathed life back into their line of products with the Vapir NO2 vaporizer.

Their previous offerings, the Vapir Oxygen Mini and the Vapir One, landed on the Market with high anticipation, but had the Vapir Company going back to the drawing board with their tails between their legs.


There are great reviews out there for the Vapir NO2. Lightweight, rechargeable and portable, the Vapir NO2 vaporizer has very few, if any flaws in design and functionality.

It comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

Which is great for “on the go” vapeing 🙂

The Vapir NO2 also comes with a number of handy little items like a scoop for accurately adding your leafy greens, extra screens and cleaning utensils.

The Vapir NO2 can be a bit hard to clean. I would like to see a removable filling chamber that would make cleaning a lot easier.

Vapir NO2 Vaporizer close upHowever, the Vapir NO2 vaporizer is very simple to turn on by a small switch located on the side of the vaporizer. A simple red button starts the heating process when pushed, and there are “+” and “-” buttons to control the heating temperature up or down to the degree.

The heating temp is shown on a simple digital LCD display. The temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

A small, red light on the Vapir NO2 vaporizer turns green when the vaporizer is ready to use. The maximum heating temperature for the NO2 is 205° (400°F), which is really good for such a small vaporizer.

It’s by far one of the faster vaporizers on the market in regards to heating time. The NO2 can reach its max temp in about 3.5 minutes or less. I‘m not one who likes to play the “How Hot is My Vaporizer” game, and I really appreciate that I can see how quickly the Vapir NO2 vaporizer heats up by simply looking at the display and watching the degrees increase.

The design of the NO2 is very unique, and looks like some sort of Bat-gadget from Batman’s utility belt or a water bottle from some intergalactic mountain bike.

Although I am personally put off by any sort of attachments, the NO2 vapes like a charm. And the mouthpiece is not needed as the NO2 has an opening built right inside of it where you attach the wand.

You get clean, consistent pulls from this vape. I felt like this vape doubled the amount of bud that was put inside the filling chamber.

The Vapir NO2 vaporizer costs about $180 (US) and comes with a year warranty and a free grinder if purchased from authorized reseller.

It is, hands down, one the best portable vaporizer on the market for the price. It even has an automatic shut-off timer (after sitting idle for 20 minutes) and, when turned back on later it reheats back to the same temperature the NO2 was set to when it turned off. No need to set your preferred temperature every time you turn it on.

For forgetful weedheads like me, it’s nice to have a vaporizer that remembers me…awwww.

  • Cory M.

    This is a great vaporizer and the price is right. Heats up fast and I can use it plugged in or I can take it with me because of the re-chargeable battery. Love that it has a digital temp display so I can start up at a low temperature and then increase it as I need it. Nice flavor, I would recommend it.

  • C. Heath

    I love this vaporizer. I can take it wherever I go and it was super easy to put together and use. It was a great gift. I’m happy with it.

  • Bennett

    This vaporizer is a sophisticated piece of machinery and is reasonably priced. I have been happy with the speed at which it heats up and the overall use of this vaporizer. I love the vapor density it produces. The battery holds about an 1 hour and a half of charge which is good because you only need about 10 min of vape time. Over all, I am really impressed with this vaporizer.

  • Stoney Bologna

    I just tried this thing for the first time. I am so high. I mean like way high. So I like it. I’m going to watch some cartoons now. 

  • Álysson

    A have a NO2 and love it. Adoro o NO2, é excelente, pode comprar. Possuo também o Arizer Q Extreme e garanto que a diferença é apenas os balões do Arizer e a grande quantidade de ganja que cabe no Arizer. No NO2 cabe pouca maconha, então tenho que repor para continuar vaporizando.

  • I simple loved it

  • HarryM

    Good vaporizer, but not very reliable. Had to replace one under warranty. Now, external power supply broke. I live in Canada and it costs $20(US) to ship it.

  • Matt


  • GGG

    my battery doesnt last very long at all 🙁

    • Just like all rechargeable batteries, the more you use these batteries the shorter time you’ll have between uses. If you’ve had the vaporizer for a while, replace the batteries, otherwise perhaps you have an active warranty?

  • A happy guy

    This vaporizer is the best. It’s simple, very view parts & vaporizes contents perfectly. And the herb taste is superb. So many other vaporizers are complicated & have too many expensive parts. This vaporizer is sold for around $100 or less. The portability and ease if use put this at the top of all vaporizers.

    • Agree! The Vapir is still a good vape and performs also good.