Vaping is Better than Smoking

vaping better than smoking

Advocates for medical marijuana typically run into arguments about smoking: “No real medicine is smoked; smoking anything is bad for the lungs so why would any doctor recommend something harmful?”

It’s a line of reasoning that medical marijuana opponents have used effectively. But new research demonstrates that fears of “smoked marijuana” as medicine are completely unfounded.

While marijuana smoke has never been shown to cause lung cancer (in fact, quite the opposite), heavy marijuana smoking has been associated with adverse respiratory symptoms and an increased risk of bronchitis. That’s because burning any plant material produces substances such as tars, smoke particles and carbon monoxide that are not good for the lungs.

Unlike smoking, a vaporizer does not burn the plant material, but heats it just to the point at which the THC (155-157 C.) and the other cannabinoids vaporize (CBN: 185 C., CBD: 187-190 – see article How Vaporizers Work).

Immediate effect makes dose estimate and titration better

Smoking has traditionally been the route of choice for most cannabis users because it delivers a more rapid ‘hit’ and this allows more accurate dose titration. Because the effect is nearly instantaneous, users can simply take as many puffs as they need, stopping when they’ve achieved the desired effect without excessive intoxication.

When intoxication is the main objective, every vaporizer user we have spoken to talks fondly of the crystal clear, ‘up’ high that leaves them motivated and full of energy, certainly when compared to the stoned drowsiness of a tobacco joint.

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    thanks for the excellent article…my only question is, ‘how do i know that i’ve used all of the cannabinoids prior to disposal of it/refilling etc’     i’m guessing when it’s all brown.

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      Yes, the color is an excellent way to figure out if your herbs have given out all the goodness:) Just make sure you are not baking your herbs. Experiment with slight temperature adjustments to see what works best for you, your vape and your herbs. Having a great vaping experience is always a combination of getting this right.