Silver Surfer Vaporizer

The Silver Surfer vaporizer

The Silver Surfer vaporizer (SSV) was the first vaporizer created by Colorado, USA-based 7th Floor, LLC in Colorado, USA.

Introduced in 2002 the Silver Surfer is said to be the first vaporizer ever to use glass and ceramic heating elements.

The outer shell is made from Anodized aluminum, a trademark signature of the 7th Floor company.

The Silver Surfer vaporizer comes in a variety of colors, which cost more than the standard silver model.

Paying more just because they painted it a different color in Colorado doesn’t make much sense to me.

And besides, it’s not silver anymore, even though they have names like “Silver Blue”, “Silver Black” and “Green Silver” among others.

The Silver Surfer also comes with a 120volt or 220-volt power adapter with a 3m (10ft.) long chord, a very high-quality glass wand and mouthpiece, which 7th Floor sells customized versions of, a flexible tube and a large needle-like poker for stirring your product in the attachable filling chamber. It also comes with an attachment so it can be used as an oil diffuser.

Being a comic book fan back in the day, it’s safe to assume that the Silver Surfer was a bit odd and I have to say, this vaporizer is too.

The design of the Silver Surfer is like a tube but has a section “sliced” out of it to give it an angle at the bottom. This is because when attaching the filling chamber and tube it prevents the herbs from falling into the heating element since it’s on an angle.

I understand the concept but the design aspect didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I guess it didn’t make much sense to 7th Floor either.

They didn’t include this angular design on the descendant of the Silver Surfer, the Da Buddha vaporizer, which was put on the market in 2008.

Like it’s younger sibling, the Silver Surfer vaporizer has a simple “radio dial” on and off switch that also sets the temperature.

It’s made from colorful glass marbles that have been melted together and shaped. It’s a nice design addition but doesn’t really go with the rest of the vaporizers design. I don’t really get it, but it’s a bit trippy too, so that’s cool.

A flaw that I saw on the Silver Surfer that could have been corrected on Da Buddha vaporizer would have been to put some kind of number indicator around the dial so you can see how hot it is. It’s kind of like a volume dial without the numbers “1” through “10” around it.

But loud is loud. And I guess, hot is hot, in the case of the Silver Surfer.

The Silver Surfer comic book character can travel light speeds through universes but don’t expect that same type of speed with the Silver Surfer vaporizer version.

Cranking the knob all the way up takes about 5-7 minutes (minimum) for it to heat up. The tube, with the filling chamber attached, has to be held physically to the heating element by hand.

There is a “hands-free” attachment that locks the tube in place but it’s cumbersome and I’m not big on extra attachments.

The Silver Surfer like in the comic book is reliable, a bit weird and can be frustrating at times. But it delivers.

The Silver Surfer vaporizer was the first on the market with their heating technology, but I think the folks at 7th Floor better give their surfboards a good waxing if they want to keep up with the competition like the Volcano by Storz-Bickel.

It sells for about $300US for the silver version and $350US for a color version.


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