PUFFiT-X Portable Vape

It’s the world’s first portable vaporizer with true convection heating and forced air vapor flow. Will the new PUFFiT-X blow the competition away, or is it just hot air?

The PUFFiT was one of three new portable vapes that really impressed on its 2012 launch, being fast, effective and super discreet with a cool-yet-usable design.


The PUFFiT-X features the same lightweight ‘inhaler’ design as its predecessor that just seemed to make sense – and why not? It’s a fantastic format for a vaporizer!

At only 3.5 inches high, 1 1/8 inches wide and tipping the scales at a laughable 2.6 ounces, the PUFFiT is not only truly personal but one of the smallest electric portable vapes on the market.


But the X brings to this design (drum roll please) an internal air fan! Yes, the PUFFiT-X is the first pocket-sized vaporizer with true convection heating and forced-air vapor flow.

The PUFFiT-X employs the same rotary temperature wheel as its predecessor for a customized vaporization experience. Adjust the temperature from Level 1 (250 Degrees F) to Level 8 (410 Degrees F) depending on your personal preference.


With an average heat-up time between 30 and 45 seconds, the PUFFiT-X is still amongst the fastest (battery-powered) portable vaporizers to heat up on the market.

A state-of-the-art microprocessor and redundant temperature sensors ensure that the temperature of the gold -plated heating chamber is extremely accurate. The temperature is monitored and adjusted more than 100 times a second to ensure your blend is never too hot or too cold.

Even at the maximum temperature setting there was no combustion, and the PUFFiT-X produces a quality vapor at each temperature level.


So far, so similar to the original model. What is different with the –X is having an extra parameter – airflow – to play with. Holding down the metal chamber cap when the device is switched on (by simply removing the mouthpiece cover) turns the rotary wheel into a fan speed control.

At level 1 the fan is whisper-quiet and the airflow equally moderate. Level 8 is surprisingly noisy. Air output goes from a trickle to a gush but never too fast to inhale, of course.

It’s kind of fun to jiggle around with. What you use is down to individual preference and circumstance; if you like to publicly vape in countries with zealous anti-herb enforcement, you might want to keep the airflow level/noise down. That’s kind of a shame since its camouflaged design was such a big plus in the original PUFFiT.


A Silicone Heat Shield covers the top cap of the PUFFiT-X, which keeps the heat contained inside the unit, reducing the outside surface temperature.

A removable internal stir tool option allows for your herb to be mixed inside the heating chamber without having to open the top cover, resulting in further heat and battery conservation.

A 90-second auto-shut off feature minimizes battery drain further (press the chamber cover for a few seconds to kick in Temperature Memory Recall and re-heat the unit).


A couple of other refinements to the original PUFFiT include:

  • reworked temperature settings – choose from 8 settings ranging from 150°C to 220°C.
  • a stand accessory is included for use when charging or cooling the vape.
  • EZ-Fill funnel accessory is included to help pack your bowl without spillage.


The PUFFiT-X vaporizer is USB rechargeable, making juicing up your device as easy as using it. Or use the included AC adapter – each will charge from flat to 80% full (usable) in just one hour.

The vape and its accessories pack into a compact carrying case and it arrives with 3 replacement mouth pieces, a cleaning/packing tool, replacement screens, the AC charger (with US to EU plug) and USB charging cable.

Each PUFFiT-X comes with a One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty (if purchased through an auhorized-reseller), restricted to normal use. The battery has a standard 90-day warranty.

It’s a great total package and the PUFFiT-X remains an excellent vape for when you’re out and about. Whether the advantages of a controlled, forced airflow outweigh the loss of stealth is up to you.