Plenty Vaporizer

German-based Storz and Bickel, the makers of the ingenious and expensive Volcano, have created their version of the portable vaporizer called the “Plenty”.

Plenty Vaporizer ReviewFrom first glance, I had to laugh at this thing.

Then I had to laugh again.

Be sure to scroll down for 2 video reviews we made.

Because as I pulled it out of the box, I saw an electrical cord attached. I wonder what dictionary Storz and Bickel uses to define “portable”. I wonder if I know the definition.

Anyway… the Plenty is marked as a handheld vaporizer. So I guess there is another type of vaporizer we have to deal with here. No it’s technically not a portable, but yeah you can carry it around…

The Plenty looks like a re-fabricated power tool. Big and clunky! I wondered why the company that made the Volcano vaporizer, with all of it’s luxurious luxuriousness, would make the Frankenstein’ of all vaporizers?

Plenty Vaporizer in UseS & B were smart enough to use a bright orange color on the controls and filling chamber. This keeps the Plenty from looking like some kind of detonation device for Halloween night pranksters.

It’s not the sexiest of vaporizer designs either. But hey, even Frankenstein had a wife.


Aside from the hand-triggered heating chamber, the Plenty also includes:

  • a filling chamber
  • flexible metal cooling coil
  • one mouthpiece
  • screens
  • cleaning brush
  • an herb grinder
  • and an instruction manual

So how does it work?

The Plenty vaporizer has a simple off and on button and a dial numbered 1-7, to control the temperature you want. It reaches temperatures between 130°C to 202°C (266°F to 395°F), and does so pretty fast. I timed the Plenty, reaching max temperature in about 3 minutes.

The hand trigger makes the Plenty heat up again to the temp you’ve set, since it doesn’t seem to be built to hold temperature for more than a few minutes. The filling chamber is about 5cm in diameter and can fit a good amount of material inside.

Be careful of the metal part of the filling chamber. It gets very hot. There’s a little-ass sticker that says to be careful, so do what it says, trust me. I burned my finger on it, but not too bad.

The heating chamber, which is the majority of the vaporizer, encloses a “double-helix” design to heat the air that vaporizes the plant material. From what I understand, this same sort of heating design is used in space heaters and air conditioners.

There, I just wrote more about double-heating heating than Storz and Bickel did on their website.

The flexible cooling coil, which is somewhat clumsily attached only by a piece of flexible plastic to a socket on the Plenty, does cool down the vapor when inhaled. It’s a nice feature, and pulls really nice. Really nice!

Check out the unboxing video below…

Super vapor quality

By far, the Plenty is hands down the biggest “vapor maker” on the market. I was surprised by the amount I was exhaling. If you’re someone (like me) who is trying to make the transition from smoking to vaping, the Plenty will do the job. Vaping with this thing felt like I was smoking. I never really had that feeling testing other vapes, portable or otherwise. This thing is a monster.

Check out the video below to see what I mean…

Seems as if S & B were thinking function before form when creating the Plenty vaporizer. At a €248 price tag, is this obtrusive and not-really portable vaporizer worth the money? As for form, it’s not my style. Some of the construction looks a bit shotty but Storz and Bickel do have a 3-year warranty.

As for function it lives up to its name without question. This thing gives you PLENTY of quality vapor.

Where to Buy the Plenty Vaporizer

Best USA price: $ 299 at VapeWorld

Best Europe price: € 248 at VapoShop

  • Hubie Brown

    You’re a whiny -SNIP-. Name me one other vaporizer that gets you the draw this fucker does? Who gives a -SNIP- what it looks like, as far as vaping goes there’s Storz and Bickel and then there’s everybody else.

    • J.G Wrentworth

      Ill name it for you if you can justify that $349 price tag. And for a challenge, you can’t just say “Quality materials”

      • rob

        German engineering says it all dude. it’s $100 more than the best portables so the price is fair and totally worth it.

  • /Hubie, as a long time vapor user, I don’t think you’re right on your putting Storz and Bickel on a pedestal…

    I have not tried the “plenty” yet (just ordered it) but personally i think my “Evolutions Vaporizer” is a much better vaporizer than my Volcano, which i very seldom use, I don’t think the Volcano bags have the same taste, as freshly inhaled vapor and I REALLY don’t like the sound of the bags when used, has too much of a teenage feel for my taste… I’ve tried getting a “vapor dome” for my Volcano also, but getting air and vapor blown into my mouth is not a very enjoyable way to vape

    I’ve been a vapor user for 5-6 years now, and i’ve tried all the vaporizers i could (mostly the most popular brands) get my hands on and in my opinion, you get the best result from an Evolutions Vaporizer, with the vapor whip of Wicked Roots, (the originally whip of the evolution vapo, is made to be stuck in the vaporizer when in use, i like the wicked roots better, cause it can be pulled out easy, so you can empty the plastic tube and recieve more vape)

    • kdotsta

      now that you have used the plenty, what is your opinion? To me it is the best.

  • rob

    what a load of b.s. you have no idea how to even accurately rate vapes you –SNIP EDIT CUT–. after the volcano, the plenty produces the best damn vapor on the planet. I own it so who cares it looks like a power tool, it’s as sturdy as hell, the easiest vape there is to clean…you rate it #7? lol..your a joke!

    • timmaytim

      yea its definitely underscored on this site. and it is portable around the house once at heat just unplug and walk around and plug in when needed haha

  • Iowcatalyst Woody

    It’s funny how defensive people get over their favourite vapes.
    Been looking at this as I have heard reports it gives excellent tasting vapour which is what I am after. It does look pretty weird but if works as well as it sounds like it does I might have to invest at some point. Do you think it is worth doing ? I already have a solo for a portable and a da buddah as a home unit. [even though I mainly still use the solo the most]

    • Hi, if you have something that works why switch? Unless you really want to try something new that is… This vape is really good in terms of vape and hit quality except that it has cord. Take into consideration if a cord is what you want.

    • timmaytim

      i own one and its awesome man kinda reminds me of some blackn decker tool.. you never get burnt product

  • Ed Carp

    The draw on the Plenty sucks I don’t care what you say !
    The first 2 are air, the next 2 are great after that they go down hill.
    Try a Dank Tank with a Tristick now thats a power hit !!