Pax Vape Packs A Punch

PAX vaporizer fits easily in your hand.. Very Stealthy

Are you also surprised by the speedy advancements in vape technology every time a new one is developed and made available for commercial use?

Every new vape seems to be a better version of its predecessor, whether it’s a new vape from a vintage vaporizer company or new vape from a new start-up.

Click here to see Pax unboxing vid

Each one is more functional, and/or beautiful, or lighter, or smarter, or smaller or just better than the one before. Pax Ploom vaporizer from San-Francisco-based, Ploom, is all of these things.

Add sleek, ingenious, sexy, stylish, practical, discreet and ahead of its time. If this thing is due out later this year, I’m looking forward to see what vape is going to outdo the functionality and design of Pax, if that’s possible. It is already in the next few years, looking back, and waiting for the vaporizer competition to catch up.

Chasing Down A Pax

It took us VapeBusters some time to chase down someone at Vape World to get a hold of a Pax and give it a try. We called and called and, like, called.

And, we were even considering holding up a boombox over our heads outside Vape World headquarters and playing “A Girl Like You”, like, really loud.

But, before we could do that, they called us back and promised to send us a Pax vaporizer if we, like, stopped calling. It actually arrived today as I‘m writing this.

And, that was cool, because it’s, like, hard to find D batteries for boomboxes these days.

So what? We wanted it, ok!? I mean, it’s so pretty. And, it looks like feels so nice to hold, and press on and off, and shake to see how much juice is left in the battery by looking at its seductive “X” shaped LED screen.

We had to have it. But, would we be worthy? You have to understand. It was like someone took what was wrong with all of our ex-vaporizers and made it right by making the one perfect Pax.

Pax by Ploom Features

The feature list very promising… Here are some of the highlights.

  • Brushed Aluminium Construction… Apple anyone?
  • Motion Sensing Shut-off… Seriously?!
  • Three Temperature Settings… As a portable, so far only the Arizer Solo has this.
  • Charger Dock Station… Rechargeable, nice!
  • 10 Year Warranty… Again, seriously?!

Pax Unboxing

Is Pax Vaporizer Perfect?

I’m really amazed how Ploom combined LED and smartphone tech into Pax. It’s roughly the size of the average cigarette lighter, and uses intuitive smart technology that is so simple, it’s ridiculously amazing.

For such a small vape, Pax packs a punch with a surprisingly deep filling chamber.

The charging time for the battery is 1 hour. With continued use the battery will last up to 2 hours.

I’d like to shake the hand of the person who came up with the idea for the mouthpiece/power button design. Push down on the mouthpiece/power button to turn on (mouthpiece pops out to vape) and push down again to turn off (hides and protects mouthpiece.)

Now, that’s just some ninja shit right there. Bad-ass ninja shit. I think a ninja thought that one up.

I don’t know for sure if ninjas work at Ploom, but I do know that Pax could be, as of the time of this article release, the best ever portable vaporizer out there ever made.

Ploom has released Pax in August 2012. The price of the unit is $249 and is comparable to other portable vapes we have reviewed here on It is backed by a 10 year warranty which is unheard of with any vape out there. You’ll have to get Pax vaporizer through an authorized re-seller like Vape World to be eligible for the 10 year warranty though.

But let the VapeBusters keep you posted now that we got our Pax at VapeBusters HQ and are able to give it a slowsong mixtape.

Read our full Pax vaporizer review if you just want to know more about this cool little vape or check out the best portable vapes that we have reviewed thus far.

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  • Hai_Rypo_T’head

    Interesting. I wonder how the Ploom Pax will stack up against the Vaporfection miVape, also due for release next August 2012.
    Meanwhile, I’ll continue using my solid, but not-fully-portable Arizer Solo, my easy-to-use, but hissing O&B iolite and, occasionally, my reliable but fiddly Magic Flight Launch Box.

    • vaporizerblogger

      I’m also very curious how it will perform against the other portable vaporizers. LOL you really summed those up nicely…All vapes have their strengths and their weaknesses. The features look pretty good so far. Our test will give us more insight whether it is something you should consider or not. Can’t wait to get the miVape too.. I think we’ll send a muffin basket to Vaporfection to give us a demo copy.. Who doesn’t like muffins.. am I right? Nah.. just kidding. We hope we’ll get the miVape soon also.

      Anyone have any other suggestions? Or comments?

      Thanks for commenting:)

  • Parkithere33

    People over at another forum are anxious for a video review. Some are questioning the true functionality and how the “oven” can be stuffed. How long will we have to wait for the video review? I have to say, it’s all that’s keeping me from making a preorder!

    • We are working very hard to get it out there for everyone. If there is anything else you’d like us to cover just add it to the comments. We’ll make sure we answer those questions for sure.

  • Roberto

    Excellent, can’t wait for the review!

  • turk

    …man, the review sounds pretty good…can’t wait to get mine..

  • turk

    …black pax’s have now shipped….

  • BigMan

    I’ve heard rave reviews of the WISPR, Arizer Solo, as well as the Plume Pax; however, I am indecisive as to which one is best for me. I am able to charge it so that is not a problem, as well as storage is no problem. In your opinion which one of these three ranks highest for you?


    • Hello BigMan, I’d can narrow it down for you to the Arizer Solo vs Pax vaporizer. If you don’t want any glass parts and want something that is very stealthy and easy to carry around go with Pax by Ploom. If you want granular temperature control which increase incrementally by 5°C (41°F) control then the Solo is the one for you. It has 7 temperature settings.

  • flynn

    Hi, I really enjoyed your onyx black pax unboxing video. Your video was very comprehensive and presented the product well. Could you make a video review featuring the cobalt blue and amethyst purple colors? 🙂

    Whenever i google search the different pax colors, the colors never seem consistent. Sometimes the cobalt pax looks deep royal ultramarine blue, while other times it looks it looks more cyan. The photo in your review here looks cerulean. So I’m so confused what the cobalt version actually looks like!

    I’m very interested in purchasing a unit, but I’m just so unsure what color to get… any help would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Flynn. I’m sorry to say that we only have the black version.. I think your best bet would be to find a photo were all the color variations are shown. Make sure the purple looks purple and not brown in some photo’s online. This way you can negate the product shot that are poorly edited. This way you might have a better representation of the blue color. By looking at the purple one. Yes I know, bit of a work around. This is the best I can do at this moment.

  • allan rainmaker

    what’s better…Atmos Raw or Pax?

    • There is a big difference between Pax and Atmos Raw. Pax is a true vaporizer which doesn’t combust your herbs. Atmos Raw is more of a smoking device. It vaporizes but sometimes it burns your herb also if you are not careful. Therefore for pure vaporization I’d pick Pax vaporizer.

  • I need some advice on a small vaporizer to be used by someone who is mostly bed ridden. It needs to be easy to use, not get too hot and not be too big.

    • Hi Tim, I asked a medical users and she likes the Solo because of its durability, reliability and adjustable temperature settings. Hope it helps.

  • matt

    The Pax or the Iolite Wispr?

  • brumT

    I want one! where can I get one in Europe?

    • Sorry to say it is not available yet in Europe. I know… that’s pretty lame.

  • Heron Seibel

    Hi Shipping to Brasil?

  • Mr.Phatal

    I own a pax and I am impressed by it. Love it. I use it on hi, to get maximum vapor. Great product and would recommend.