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Help! I want to buy a portable vape but there’s so damn many!

The explosion in recent years of portable vaporizers entering the market means there’s now a bewildering variety of models to choose from. Which is great, but it can make choosing which one to go with a bit of a head-breaker.

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25 per cent fewer deaths resulting from opioid overdoses in states allowing medical cannabis

On average, US states allowing the medical use of cannabis have lower rates of deaths resulting from opioid analgesic overdoses than states without such laws, according to a multi-institutional study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine. [click to continue…]

One of our longtime bloggers and member of our Vapebuster Team Bor Verkroost has made the news here in Holland and internationally.

If any of you have followed his blog you will know that he has suffered with EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa, aka ‘blistering skin’) a very rare genetic skin disorder. [click to continue…]

In late November the world’s first dedicated airport vaping zone was opened in the international departure lounge of London Heathrow’s Terminal 4.

UK e-cigarette maker Gamucci is responsible for the 30-square-meter space, which is open 5:00 AM until 10:30 PM each day to those aged 18+. [click to continue…]


Two ‘Grand Old Men’ of Dutch politics came together in a former 15th Century monastery in Amsterdam’s Red Light District at the end of April to repeat their long and public opposition to the senseless war on cannabis.

The event was the Cannabis Culture Award 2013, awarded to former Dutch Minister and EU Commissioner Frits Bolkestein for his appeals for a different approach towards cannabis in the Netherlands. [click to continue…]

So, with December 21st 2012 only a couple of weeks away, we’ll soon find out which version of the Mayan prophecy turns out to be true. There’s no mention in the historic clay tablets whether they also saw that 2012 would be the Year of the Portable Vaporizer, but that’s what it was from our point of view. [click to continue…]

What will it take to end the war on drugs?

Dutch Weed Pass Elections

Opponents of the controversial ‘weed pass’ system, due to be extended from the South of the Netherlands nationwide on January 1st, demonstrating on Amsterdam’s Dam Square before the Dutch elections.

The future of the controversial ‘Weed Pass’, due to be introduced nationwide in the Netherlands on January 1st, remains uncertain following the Dutch elections in September. [click to continue…]

Annual Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam 2012

On a sunny day in the park, listening to rap and reggae, a few thousand people came together once again to celebrate the free use of weed at the 4th Annual Cannabis Liberty Day in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. [click to continue…]

PAX vaporizer fits easily in your hand.. Very Stealthy

Are you also surprised by the speedy advancements in vape technology every time a new one is developed and made available for commercial use?

Every new vape seems to be a better version of its predecessor, whether it’s a new vape from a vintage vaporizer company or new vape from a new start-up. [click to continue…]

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