New Vaporizers on the Scene


With the new trend of healthy cannabis consumption via vaporizing, a new wave of vape models is sprouting up with high anticipation and low skepticism. At least seven new vaporizers have been released in 2011 alone. Competition is growing amongst manufacturers to make better and smarter vaporizers. No doubt vape consumers will benefit from that. Let’s check out three of the very latest vaporizers out now.


Oglesby & Butler, Ireland-based manufacturers of the Iolite, the first portable vape on the market in 2008, took some harsh criticism from consumers their first time around. According to reviews, Iolite users loved the portability, but not the performance. In July 2011, O&B released the WISPR, just in time before the negative speak got any louder over the Iolite. With a new vintage look, the WISPR looks like an older version of the Iolite, but solves a lot of the issues consumers had with its futuristic-looking predecessor.

Even more portable, colorful and effective than the Iolite, the WISPR has already become one of the more popular portables on the market. You can read more about the WISPR and watch the unboxing video in my WISPR vaporizer review.

O&B, however, should be looking over their shoulders. They have some competition, of the brushed aluminum kind

The Solo

The Arizer Solo Black

The Arizer Solo Black

Arizer, the company that made the “Extreme Q” portable vaporizer with balloon attachment (one of my favorites), has just released the Arizer “Solo”.

This thing doesn’t just fit in your hand; it almost fits in a closed fist. Roughly the diameter and shape of your average flashlight handle, the all-aluminum Solo is simply a thing of beauty. It even unscrews like a flashlight for easy cleaning of the inside bits.

A two-button control system controls the heat settings, and easy-to-read LED lights inform you of the temperature as well as how much juice is left in the battery, which comes with a warranty. Nice touch.

The heating chamber is sealed by a silicon cap, which easily slides on a hinge to reveal the heating pin, and the opening for the attachable mouth tube. Six small ventilation holes surround the main chamber, allowing the Solo to be used as an aromatherapy device.

It comes with a separate, attachable bowl to fill with herbs, like Lavender, for example.

However, the external part that is the mouth tube could have been designed into the device itself. But, that could just be me.

I appreciate using glass for the mouthpiece, but I’m just not into attachments with portable vapes as this makes them a little less portable for me.

Things can get clumsy for someone like me when on the go. The Solo comes in silver or black.

You can find out more about the Solo or watch the cool new unboxing video in my Solo vaporizer review.

The miVape and the viVape

The miVape vaporizer

The miVape portable vaporizer

Ok. Before I get into these vaporizers, I have to say to Vaporfection, the company who makes them, that there is waaaay too much of Apple’s branding in their product.

Both vaporizers have similar design to an iPhone, and come in black and white. C’mon.

Looks like they took the “iPhone of vaporizers” thing a little too literally.

After getting past the blatant iPhone rip-off, however, I do have to give some kudos back to Vaporfection for the ingenious design of the miVape. Too bad it never got released.

It’s inconspicuously shaped like a smartphone (okay, almost exactly like an iPhone), and the glass mouthpiece (according to photos online) folds back into the device.

I didn’t get my hands on this one, and there’s very little info on the Vaporfection website about the size of the device or how it works.

The viVape vaporizer

The viVape vaporizer

The viVape, a “slightly” larger version of the miVape, has a one-touch sensor system for setting the temperature, and “balloon bag” or “wand whip” button mode. Cool option for such vaporizer.

Vaporfection has been around for about 10 years, but they are rookies in the portable market. We’ll see how their “if iCould be like Apple” approach works for them.

All in all, there are some great new vaporizers on the market.

I’ll be writing more as new ones are made available.

Seeing so much innovation and variation in the world of vaporizing, I’m curious to see who’s next to step up and try to claim the #1 spot.

But, for now, I’m enjoying watching all the spots fill up.



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