Muad Dib

Muad-Dibs for your Dabs – Stylish single-hitter for CONCENTRATES ONLY

The Muad-Dib (pronounced maw-deeb) Concentrate Box allows you to easily, quickly, and safely vaporize concentrates, oils and herbal extracts. At a stretch, it will also work with light, oily hashish.

The Concentrate Box uses the same simple, patented technology as the famous Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB): a wooden box accommodates a simple push-in battery that rapidly heats herb on an enclosed screen, the vapor being sucked from the chamber.

It’s a One-Hit Wonder

The Muad-Dib, however, uses a smaller and user-replaceable screen design that reaches 900°F (482°C) in just three seconds.

Like the MFLB, the MDCB is a one-hitter; a pinhead-sized amount of concentrate is all you need for a tasty, effective experience. No torch required! If you’re tired of playing with fire and nails, this does the job.

Black & Brass Whip

Due to this high heat, the device works with a 1.5 ft (45 cm) black silicone draw whip with brass ends (rather than the little straw used by the MFLB). This whip cools the vapor stream just fine, and other lengths can be ordered.

Equally important, the black whip really creates a ‘steampunk’ look and feel. The Muad-Dib is available in Noir or Walnut wood styling; both feature a brushed brass lid, an optical grade glass lens chamber cover, and a brass bowl insert that makes cleaning easy.

The Handmade Handheld

Overall, it’s a gorgeous, artisanal device that would not have looked out of place in Victorian London. I can imagine Sherlock Holmes whipping it out of his watch-pocket and taking a quick dab to take the edge off his cocaine hit!

The Concentrate Box uses the same batteries as the Launch Box, but drastically improves on battery life. The makers claim 50+ uses on a single charge; my limited supply of concentrate ran out before I could test this claim.

Loading Up

Charging the batteries for the first time took about 4 hours. To test the Box, I slid the glass lens open and placed a pinhead-sized speck of amber-colored shatter on the screen, and closed the lens.

The lens stays in place thanks to a brass clip and tiny locking nipple. I popped the whip into its hole and pushed the battery into its socket.

The User Experience. 

The trick is to begin inhaling slowly as soon as the battery is pressed. Remember that the Box is a one-hitter, so make the load small enough to fully consume in one lungful.

Don’t disengage the battery until you’ve completed your hit. If all of the vapor is not captured in one breath, you probably loaded too much.

Verdict: tasty, cool and not too much to produce any coughing. The shatter had evaporated completely, leaving no residue.

Stretching the Limits

Though it shames us as Amsterdammers to admit it, we’re no longer at the forefront of cannabis culture. Concentrates are still illegal here, though a few coffeeshops do stock it – for a high price.

Outside of the right US states, concentrates are hard to get your hands on. So we gave this lovely little box a whirl with some high grade Casablanca (Moroccan) and a black, oily Nepalese hash. Thankfully, the ‘Dam is still a go-to city for quality old school concentrates!

Hash: Expect Combustion

It took some experimentation with the length of battery activation; too long and the hash would ignite. But hold the battery in until just before vapor is visible, let go and the hashes did deliver nice, thick vapor. Make the samples small and expect the last inhalation to cause the hash to burn.

Remember doing ‘hot knives’? Using hash in the Maud Dib gives the same effect but is far less harsh on the lungs. Some residue will be left on the screen, but this brushes off easily.

Limits to Experimentation

The Box has been carefully designed for use with cannabis-based extracts and oil concentrates.  Use with other oils, such as e-liquids (used with e-cigarettes) poses serious health concerns and is strongly discouraged.

Additives generally considered safe for use in a vape pen may become harmful when magnified by the action of the Muad-Dib Concentrate Vaporizer. Also, many herbal oils contain additives whose effects are not well understood.

The Overall Package

The Noir Muad-Dib Concentrate Box comes with NiMH Glyph Batteries and protective caps (2x). Note: USE these; if the loose batteries touch in your pocket or in the box, they will discharge and produce a lot of heat unless capped.

The 1.5 ft black, brass-tipped draw whip
I already mentioned; it’s stylish and doesn’t scream ‘medical device’, which is a big plus for the style-conscious recreational user.

All Packs into a Tin

Also included is a battery charger, loading spoon, a replacement screen, brush and an instruction guide. These all fit, with some ingenuity required, into the attractive velvet-lined tin.

The MFLB is much loved by its users; expect this new concentrate version to inspire a similar level of devotion. Customer service is first rate, there’s a good range of accessories and a real community feel among users.

Again like the MFLBs, every Muad-Dib has a serial number and a lifetime guarantee.

Marvelous Little Gizmo

I admired the original MFLB for its simplicity and ease of use, but never really got used to the little sipping straw and short battery life. But I love the new Box and could see myself making it a staple vape – when I can get the concentrates!

For any users, medical or recreational, who find it unnerving to have an open flame involved in their dabbing, the Muad-Dib is a safe, effective and affordable alternative.

Be warned that the Muad Dib’s distinct looks will turn heads, which you might enjoy in some contexts but not in a situation where you need to be discreet.

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    Fabulously in-depth and unbiased review. Please don’t sell out!