Mighty Versus Crafty

Decision time: Mighty & Crafty. Which one’s for me?

If superb vapor is top of your portable wish list then there’s simply no competition for the Mighty and the Crafty. They both deliver the best on the market. Better than the Pax, better than Ascent, in fact better than most desktop vaporizers.

Storz & Bickel’s strategy of dealing with the compromises involved in creating a good quality portable vaporizer has been to make two good quality vaporizers and let the customer choose which best fits their needs.

Or so it seems. You could argue that in doing so they missed the chance to create just one perfectly balanced GREAT vape that would rule the world. But they didn’t.

Given that they both generate the best tasting, richest vapor we’ve ever had from any portable, which one should you hungry-lunged vapor hounds opt for?

Both the Crafty and the Mighty share their core technologies as well as a look and feel; they are clearly close relatives, with their black plastic cooling unit and grip, with orange buttons and packing tool.

The differences are small but potentially significant to the potential user:

The Mighty is bigger; it’s not really a pocket vape, more of a cordless home vape (or for travel). However, it’s still very portable and it’s easy to hold, store and transport. Maybe more so for big, manly hands? The Crafty is lightweight and almost dainty in comparison. It will pop into a back pocket or purse.

The bigger size gives the Mighty double the battery life, 90 minutes (or 6-7 sessions) versus the Crafty’s 45 minutes (3-4 sessions). Both have auto-shutoff after a minute of inactivity.

Only the Mighty can be plugged in and used right away when the battery is completely drained. With the Crafty you have to wait about 25 minutes for it to charge to about 20%, then it’ll let you turn it on and vape. You can also keep the Crafty topped up via USB charging, but not the Mighty.

The Crafty uses a smartphone app to control the temperature settings and LED brightness. The Mighty has a screen on it that displays the temperature readings and battery life remaining, and it has no app, nor does it have LED indicators (but both use a vibration to announce their readiness).

The app is cool if you like apps but doesn’t really do anything other than change the temperatures. Once set, you only have one temperature (plus a booster trick). The Mighty can be altered more easily.

This difference really boils down to do you like to fiddle with your phone or do you like your vape to have everything it needs built in, on board? Note that the app is Android-only at the moment, as S&B wait on the caprice of Apple to allow the iPhone version.

Both use the same stainless steel herb chamber and cooling units which are equally fiddly to take apart and clean, and both deliver the same cool and tasty vapor .

The flat-bottomed Crafty is more stable than the Mighty, if that’s an issue for you.

Are we allowed to make comments like ‘one is perhaps more suitable to a man than a woman?’ Because the perfect choice would be to have them both! Perhaps as a his ‘n’ her vape combination. Or one for around the home, another for on the go?

Conclusion: Neither is objectively better, but each is marginally more suited to your lifestyle than the other. I like the Crafty for size and use, but being a bit of a Luddite I choose not to have a smartphone.

The Mighty felt a bit clumsy after the Crafty, but with its ease of use, and packing more power, it grew on me rapidly. I like the heft I my hand. But then the majority of my vaping is done at home, and at half a pound in weight, the Mighty is fine in my overcoat pocket or backpack.

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