Micro Vaped Glass Globe

Glass globe attachments for e-pens are becoming more common but this is the first one we’ve looked at. The idea is that by flooding the chamber the vapor is cooled and quantities used can be larger and easier to estimate by being visible.


The Micro Vaped Glass Edition we have arrives packed in a metal tin containing:

  • micro battery
  • mini USB charger
  • glass globe attachment with titanium coils
  • carrying case
  • mini fill tool


The globe slides easily off the heating chamber and coil for loading. We popped a little amber-colored shatter into the chamber, replaced the globe and gave the concentrate a couple of seconds heat to melt into place.

Going for the rip, it is actually really cool to see the tiny cloud of thick vapor come rolling out of the chamber and fill the globe.

Be aware that some on the market are poor quality, but the one that comes in the Micro Vaped starter kit has good online reviews for reliability. There’s a 1-year warranty included on battery and charger.

This is a well-built and effective e-pen, and the globe genuinely adds to the vape experience; not just fun, it makes dose tit-ration much easier than other e-pens we’ve used and is easier on the throat.