Medical Marijuana and the Vaporizer

Medical marijuana and vaporizersAccording to studies, like the one published by Journal Anesthesiology in 2008, ingesting medicinal marijuana is not as effective as smoking it in the treatment of relieving the symptoms of muscle pain in humans. A study, conducted by Dr. Birgit Kraft, M.D. at the Medical University of Vienna, suggests that ingesting cannabinoids (the active ingredient in marijuana that gives the “high”) can cause more sensitivity in patients suffering from muscle pain.

The Alternative to ‘Smoking’ your Alternative Medicine

For years, many advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana for medicinal purposes have touted baked goods (pun intended) as a healthier way to provide relief to anti-smokers suffering from chronic pain due to cancer, multiple sclerosis or spinal injuries. Studies show that, although ingesting cannabis orally can provide some relief, it’s not as effective as smoking it.

But, smoking has a downside as well. It’s harmful to the lungs and creates toxins in body that can cause cancer, among other heart and respiratory diseases. With scientific studies in recent years providing more and more evidence to the medicinal benefits, but harmful side effects, of smoking medical marijuana, the vaporizer is becoming a pioneering champion in the fight for the use of cannabis as a cure.

Marijuana is, by far, the most widely used plant on the planet. Vaporizers, like the Volcano, have become a medicinal godsend to people with AIDS and other debilitating diseases who seek a healthier way of benefiting from the cannabis plant. Vaporizers are affordable, accessible, healthier and easy to use.

Vaporizer Prices

The price range for a good vaporizer is between $140 and $500(US). Many vaporizer-themed websites and blogs mention to be aware of cheap imitations. Not only can these fake knock-offs be completely useless after a few uses but their mechanical parts can be poorly constructed making them potentially dangerous. When purchasing a vaporizer, be sure to check to make sure that the company you are buying it from has a good reputation. Here in Amsterdam, many stores that sell vaporizers also have very knowledgeable and friendly staff to answer your questions. If you’re in Amsterdam check out Azarius Shop on Kerkstraat 119 and ask for Zola’s, he’s a vaporizer whiz. You can also further check out our top 10 vaporizers or our vaporizer reviews for all kinds of information.


According to the U.S. Department of Justice, sixteen states, and The District of Columbia, have laws that give them the authority to manufacture and distribute medical marijuana. More states are soon to follow suit, considering the fact that marijuana is benefiting the bottom line of U.S. states that are struggling in the current economy. With everything coming up cannabis in these states, the market for vaporizers is increasing as well.

Many technical advances in the construction of vaporizers in the past several years have made the smoking device more attractive to the medical marijuana market. Companies like Iolite, headquartered in Ireland, are making leaps in the advancement of portable vaporizers. Having produced the first portable vaporizer in 2008, they have recently released their 2nd vaporizer, called the WISPR.

Ease of use

Vaporizers come in various styles shapes and sizes. The two most common types are the electric-powered and butane powered vaporizer. The Iolite WISPR and the Vapir NO2 are two of the more popular portable electric vaporizers out there. The Iolite WISPR works on butane. The Vapir NO2 requires a rechargeable battery.

The Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer uses one rechargeable AA battery, and converts the battery power to infrared heating. The Launch Box can reach vaporizing (heating) temperature in about 30-60 seconds.

Vaporizers like the Volcano Digit, by German company Storz & Bickel, have large readable digital displays that make it easier to use for people with vision impairments or the elderly.

The politics behind modern society, with all of its’ rules and regulations, cannot deny the natural benefits of this practical plant, medical marijuna, recognized, through millennia, by cultures all over the world. With the increase in acceptance in modern-day society of cannabis as a relief to many illnesses, vaporizers help to provide proof positive that there is substance behind the science of marijuana as medicine.

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