Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

The Magic Flight Launch Box:

“Love is that which enables choice. Love is always stronger than fear. Always choose on the basis of love.”

That quote is laser engraved on the back of the very small and portable MFLB:  Magic Flight Launch Box.

It’s amazing that Blissville, Inc. the San Diego, California based-company would even bother doing this, considering how incredibly small the “Box” is.

It fits in the palm of your hand and is by far the smallest and fastest heating portable vaporizer on the market.

With a name that sounds like a lost Alanis Morrisette song, the MFLB (“The Box”) is a portable vaporizer that is powered by a single AA rechargeable battery.

When the positive end of the battery is inserted into a hole in the side of ‘The Magic Box’ and pressed, the battery acts as a button that ignites the heating chamber, which also doubles as the “trench” that herbs are put into.

Close the simple, yet ingenious, glass swivel top cover that keeps the herbs in the trench and the hot air flowing to the mouthpiece.

The makers of the MFLB suggest using the batteries they provide instead of store-bought batteries. Apparently the batteries made by Blissville are not as powerful as normal batteries and prevent the Flight Box from overheating when used.

I also noticed that the batteries they provide don’t have a label like store-bought batteries. According to other reviews, this is because the side of the battery acts as a negative charge since the negative end of the battery is not used. It is said that normal batteries can be used, but sparingly.

And, be sure to remove the label/wrapping from the battery when you decide to use a store-bought battery.

The San Diego manufacturer warns to not use the Magic Flight Box batteries in any other electronic device. Ever! They also recommend using the included plastic battery caps to cover the battery and ensuring that the battery does not touch any other metal objects or each other.

The Magic Flight Box is made from renewable copper-plated parts in a natural maple hardwood casing.

Unlike the more mechanical portable vaporizers like the WISPR vaporizer and the Vapir NO2, this vaporizer allows you to have manual control over the vapor production by using your breath.

No butane or electricity is necessary when using ‘The Magic Box’ on the go.

This stripped-down, no nonsense portable vape does have an adjustable electric adapter that is sold separately. The adapter is very well constructed. By adjusting it, the temperature can be adjusted on ‘The Launch Box’s’ copper heating element indicated by the brightness of an orange light, seen through the mouthpiece.

First introduced to the market in 2010, this remarkably small, portable and odor free vaporizer delivers pure, quality vapor in a matter of seconds after pushing in the “battery button”, as I call it.

When using ‘The  Launch Box’ be sure to load the “trench” with finely ground herbs and insert a fully charged battery. A little orange light appears when The MFLB has reached the ideal temperature.

If you draw too quickly you will get a hit that is too hot and you’ll cool down the herb chamber too quickly so it’s best to take slow and long draws. This way the herb material remains at a consistent temperature between hits.

The manufacturer recommends removing the battery after each hit and shaking the box to stir the herbs inside. Because the “trench” is the actual heating device only the herbs on the bottom are vaped.

The Magic Flight Box is extremely quiet, easy to use and so small it should be called ‘The Mini’.

It comes with a velvet pouch, two batteries, battery storage case, battery charger, two battery protector caps, cleaning brush, elastic travel bands, optional acrylic draw stem, instructions, brochure and a lifetime functional warranty.

‘The Magic Launch Box’ is well worth its weight in Magic.


  • Gregory P.

    A friend of mine gave me the Magic Flight a few months ago to help me quit using tobacco with my herb and I have to say I love this little thing. It’s smaller than it looks in photos so you can really take it everywhere and anywhere. So far I’m not missing the tobacco and this minnie vaporizer is delivering a nice, clean hit. Working for me!

  • Justin

    Well, I had the opportunity to test the best vaporizers. I tested the Arizer extreme q vaporizer, the volcano vaporizer and De verdamper vaporizer. If I had to choose, I would buy the Volcano vaporizer, as the taste was the best. But the size of the device and it’s price are my biggest obstacle. Second best was the Arizer extreme q vaporizer. Tastewise, it’s a little less good as the Volcano, but than again, the price is more than half of that of the Volcano.

    But…..I don’t want such a big device in my living room. So, this vaporizer was not the winner also. Haha, De Verdamper is collosal and very easy to break. So that was no option at all, although it’s good. But really, too fragile for me.

    I wanted something small, portable and handy. Than I saw the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer. I really was stunned by it’s simplicity. I love gadget that are really smart. This device is small (the size of a match box). It operates on one battery everybody has at home. It is virtually unbreakable. And it’s 100% the money as it is cheap.

    Now I am using it and I simply love it. I must say I would prefer the Arizer, but this device cannot be taken with me and I cannot vape it discretely.
    For me, the overall winner is the MFLB vaporizer!. A very nice high, smooth on the throat.

    The only drawback: the glass pipe. Why didn’t they make it from steel, for example.

    But if it breaks, you can always find a straw in order to use it again. No problem.
    I would go for this one.

    • pixie whore

      think they do other types of pipe on their website now

  • Justin

    Ok, 6 months ago I bought this super device. What is my verdict now?

    Well, all is the same. I still love it. The little pipe is still in tact, haha. 
    The only drawback is the batteries. They deplete quit quickly. 
    In case this happens, buy new ones at any local electronic store. But buy the one’s with a high mAh. I bought the 2000 mAh ones. And don’t forget to take off the plastic foil with the advertising on it. If you don’t take this off, the device won’t work. It needs to make contact with the vaporizer. 

    So, my verdict would be that I will still give it a 9 out of 10. 

  • Satyr Satellite

    Simply a wonderful piece of gear. With the Magic Flight you literally hold the future 
    of (non-)smoking in the palm of your hand. Pocket-size, runs on batteries, simple to 
    operate, easy to clean – the ideal vape for on the road. – Siberian Sanne

  • Elliott

    Good review ! I’m searching a vaporizer to stop smoking tobacco, and for the health of my lungs, and i think this one is perfect to begin vaping. Any one can confirm, is this little box good to start ? In terms of price and quality.
    Thanks for the answers, bye

    • Hi Elliott, The MFLB is a great way to start vaping indeed. It will get you started in the right direction without too much upfront investment. The MFLB is more geared for on the go stealth vaping. You can bake your herbs if you are not careful and you probably will need some practice in the beginning. If you really want a 100% clean vapor then I suggest that you save up until you can buy one. No doubt that the MFLB will be a very big improvement as opposed to smoking. That’s for sure.. Welcome to the club!! Let us now how it goes. If you need tips on how to use the MFLB, we are here to point you in the right direction.

  • jack

    Can I use resin in the magic flight?

    • pixie whore

      not advised.

  • anywaywarrior

    A length of copper wire heats up, no control. no money back, leaking batteries, a waste of time and money. Magic Flight is a pure ripoff and lies about issues and has not improved- much like everything to the opportunists o9f San Diego- so cal.

    • pixie whore

      A life time guarantee is not no money back, how can they be pure ripoff with a zippo like guarantee? Control is through your breathing and I love mine! Its no volcano but it aint supposed to be, it’s a portable craft like vape and imo it is great.Some of us don’t want wee shiny gadgets,it suits perfect for irie festivals/woods/wild camping with mates

  • nonsmoking vaper

    I was very disappointed when after 5 months of infrequent use the launch box failed to heat. When I went to check the warranty it said the heating element is the only thing not covered under warranty. $125 down the drain. Unacceptable.

    • mflb user

      This is incorrect; the warranty covers EVERYTHING the box needs to function. It does not cover the lightbulb, but the lightbulb is not the heating element and you don’t need it to vaporize.

  • buckslice

    I’ve been using this unit for 2 months now and I hate it! Do not buy this product. The vape is next to nothing and it’s a pain to hold the battery down. You don’t get a throat hit, there is barely any vapor, and the glass pipe breaks easily. It does get you stoned, however, you have to hit it A LOT! Just get something else… wish I never bought this thing.

  • deb

    My glass broke almost immediately, went to a pipe. Shop and they got me one ASAP. Cost$4. I like the convenience of the pipe when going out.

  • Terry

    I’ve sent two emails about two major problems with my Magic Flight vapor.
    with NO response from MF company.
    This is very poor customer service.
    I have spent a fair amount of money on the unit and am not happy with the ignoringT of my needs.

  • Renee

    How long does the battery charge last? (in usage time)

  • Launch Box Lover

    Just a minor issue with the article:

    “When using ‘The Launch Box’ be sure to load the “trench” with finely ground herbs and insert a fully charged battery. A little orange light appears when The MFLB has reached the ideal temperature.”
    The orange light means only that it it operating. If you’re using a fully charged battery or one with barely enough juice to warm the herb a little the orange light will come on.

    Hold the battery in, wait for a wisp of vapour to be visible in the draw hole and start drawing.

    Then a note for other users.

    If you’re needing loads of hits to get high, you’ve probably not ground your herb finely enough. The finer the grind the better. I’ve been using a normal grinder and THEN crumbling the herb further with my fingers and some users use electric coffee grinders to get it even finer still. If you’re just grinding it like you would for a joint you’re doing it WAY too coarse.

    If you don’t like holding the battery in, of if your hands are too delicate to do it without getting hurt (really, it’s not painful unless you’re pushing in a strange way) – reach into the battery hole with a pair of tweezers and remove the “push-back ring”. Doing that means you’ll have to deliberately remove the battery to stop the screen heating up, but you won’t need to hold it in so actively to operate it.

    The reason you should keep the battery caps on, is that the plastic cover on most AA batteries (removed for the MFLB) prevents easy short-circuiting of the battery. Not capping the battery risks short circuiting the battery which at best will discharge it and at worst could burn things.

    It’s recommended not to use the batteries in other devices for a similar reason. Without the plastic coating anything conductive in a normal battery box that could come into contact with the battery could short circuit it with potential for nasty consequences for your device/battery/health.

    Fantastic product and highly recommended.
    Don’t expect earth-shattering performance, expect a really good, compact and cute vape that does its job well. It’s not a volcano, it’s not got a thermostat in it. It’s a blunt heating element that you control by your draw rate.

  • Launch Box Lover

    Hmm – a couple more issues.

    1> It’s not odour free. The vape itself smells like nuts when it’s been used and any exhaled vapours smell like you’d expect them to smell if you’ve been vapourising the essential oils of a particularly aromatic herb.

    2> The batteries will heat the element for 20 hits, but really after about 8 to 10 it’s not going to get as hot. Still hot enough for effect, but not for full effect. I tend to switch/recharge after about 8.


    Brilliant post.. I appreciate that you include all the keen things about <a href="

  • lotus

    my magic box just doesn’t work well. The battery life is bad… It is super high maintenance. It’s cute, but wood would feel better with a bit of finish on it. I wish I’d bought something else.


    1 year review:

    Nice vaporizerblog review, by the way! My 10 cents:

    I’ve been using, what I call the Magic Flight Love Box, for ’bout a year now. Believe it or not this guy got me laid once by impressing the hell out of a chick I met…. haha! Hence it’s name…

    Anyways….this thing rocks! It’s quick and very simple. There are nearly no moving parts (excl. plastic cover) and I’ve dropped mine more time than I can count.

    The bad: if you want a really strong high–the MFLB won’t get you there. It’ll get you high… but if you smoke a bowl afterwords…. you’ll get higher. I could NOT accomplish this by using the MFLB more, after the initial high–no matter how much you try.

    Basically it’s not made for heavy pot users (multiple times a day).

    You got 4 levels of high:

    1: A Tad High
    2: Acceptably High
    3: Really High
    4: Torn The Fuck Up I’m Buying 80 Pizzas From Dominos High

    The MFLB has you covered through level 2—-but that’s it.

    Still, you’ll get high.

    The included battery charger is awesome. The tin case it comes in is fuckin the shit. I can actually fit my grinder, little bag of weed, several batteries, MFLB and included cleaning brush in it easily. I GOT IT ALL RIGHT FUCKIN THERE!!

    Even though it’s a tight fit (lol) I can ALSO fit a small bowl and lighter in it as well! NO JOKE!!! So if I’m out I have a choice…. I can vape or smoke. Why would I want both? Like I said previously….smoking gets you MORE high. BUT I wouldn’t recommend carrying so much paraphernalia while out…..but you can….. and it all fits in the MFLB tin!

    Overall: A- (sorry bout the long comment–can’t stop typing)

  • EmTee

    Replace the battery with a Sanyo Eneloop. You should be less disappointed with shelf life this way.