Iolite Vaporizer

Iolite Vaporizer

Probably the most ingenious portable vaporizer there is, the Iolite vaporizer was when it first launched light years ahead of any other portable vape other than Iolites latest portable the WISPR vaporizer.

There is no electrical connector. There is no battery.

The Iolite is efficiently powered by butane, which makes it the most technologically advanced portable vape ever made.

As long as you have a can of butane this thing can be used anywhere.

The Iolite is available in a variety of colors. It comes with a travel case, butane fuel and a wand whip mouthpiece.

The Iolite has a very stealthy design and could easily be mistaken for a walkie-talkie or mobile phone. It fits snugly in your hand, is extremely easy to operate without adding additional parts, and heats up to optimum temperature within two to three minutes.

It’s made from medical grade plastic, which gives the Iolite a stamp of approval from the medicinal marijuana community.

Created by Ireland-based Oglesby & Butler in 2008, the Iolite uses a patented “flame-less” butane gas catalytic heater and thermostat for vaporizing using catalytic conversion technology.

The thermostat is metallic, similar to the Volcano and is capable of reaching 190° C (374° F).

The butane conversion takes place within a separate chamber so it is safe to inhale the vapor.

The Iolite vaporizer has a simple on/off switch and another button to start the heating process.

There is a small light indicator on the side of the vaporizer to let you know when optimum temperature has been reached.

The mouth wand can be removed from the Iolite, which has the filling chamber at the opposite end so it can be filled with herb. It holds a good .5 grams and can produce enough vapor to take a surprising 12 to 15 hits.

The Iolite vaporizer maintains optimum temperature very well, but it does take some time to heat up (about 5-7 minutes).

For the simple fact that this vape is so incredibly portable (literally pocket-sized), I can ignore it should heat up faster. But, I think if it did it would have to be a bit bigger to have a faster/more powerful thermostat.

Patience is needed to start it up to reach max temp, but the Iolite does a great job of maintaining temperature.

The Iolite is a rather quiet device and is pretty much undetectable. If there are no other sounds (music, TV, street traffic, whatever) going on around, it’s easy to hear that it’s running. Otherwise you’d have to hold the Iolite close to the ear to know it’s working. And once it heats up there’s no sound at all.

I’m not sure the ingenious technology of the Iolite is worth its $200 price tag. The vaporizer itself and the mouthpiece can get quite warm, and I’m a little cautious about extended use of the Iolite.

Should you get one? Yes. No question, the Iolite is attractive, light, easy to use and does what it’s supposed to do.

I have no qualms with portability issues. To me, there are none. But repeated use could cause some durability concerns.

Oglesby & Butler does have a 2-year warranty on the Iolite if that’s any consolation.

So, there you go. The pros and cons sort of balance each other out, which makes the Iolite one of my top portable vaporizer picks. Get one!


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