HerbalAire Vaporizer

herbalaire vaporizer

Those Canadians are looking for the gold medal with the creation of the HerbalAire Vaporizer.

Canuck manufacturer Bohdan Petyhyrycz has been in the vaporizer game since 2005, and manufactures one of the only vaporizers available with forced air technology and dual functionality.

Absolutely unseen on the majority of other vaporizers of its size, about 20cm (or 7in) in height and 10cm (3.5in) in base diameter, you can choose between a wand whip (direct-inhale silicone tube) or a vapor balloon attachment.

The Aire is extremely well crafted. It truly is a design of simple beauty that I wouldn’t mind to leave sitting on my coffee table when company shows up.

Tiny fans on the inside of the HerbalAire pump out vapor via direct inhale or balloon bag. The unique thing about this is that the fans pump only when air is forced through the vaporizer.

So, if you’re not sucking on the wand, or using the air pump attachment to fill the balloon bag, don’t worry about having your precious vapor escaping without being enjoyed.

The HerbalAire vaporizer is heated by a wire-heating element, which can have the tendency to get very hot. But, because the outer shell is made from Teflon (Yes! I said “Teflon”), the heat is contained, allowing for a very comfortable vaping experience.

The temperature range of the Aire is between 121°C (250°F) and 205°C (400°F).

The comfortable range for the Aire seems to be around 190°C (375°F), although it can easily reach and maintain its maximum temperature if you are looking to make the most of the herbs you’re vaping. It’s not necessary though.

The HerbalAire, which has one simple knob that turns it on and off and controls the temperature, maintains an accurate heat range.

The HerbalAire has an automated shut-off function (as it should) and Bohdan Petyhyrycz has even worked out some type of climate control feature that helps the HerbalAire to maintain your desired temperature, no matter what the weatherman says.

That is a first for me.

But, come to think about it, I’ve never tested any other vaporizer in extreme conditions either. Maybe I’ll test one outside in the middle of winter.

As I’ve mentioned in other vaporizer reviews, I’m not too big on extra parts. However, I don’t mind it too much on the HerbalAire. The separate attachments are fairly inexpensive and won’t have me regretting I ever bought the thing if I have to get a replacement here and there.

There’s no mistaking how to turn the HerbalAire on and off either. It’s the same for the pump. A switch on the vaporizer turns it on and sets the temperature. A switch on the air pump, if using the balloon bag, turns the air on and off. That’s it. No stress. No mess.

I really like the removable fill chamber. No need for extra little scooper or whatever. Use the removable filling chamber itself for packing your piff. Making the filling chamber removable makes the Aire a lot easier to clean as well. I appreciate that.

And, the price is right. The HerbalAire will run you about $249 (US) / €220. I think that is a great price for such a small, sturdy, reliable and nicely designed vaporizer.

It heats up quickly, vapes steadily, and gives you two ways to enjoy your herbs. And, you’re not obligated to carry around parts you don’t need. I have one issue with the balloon when filling it; it does seemingly take forever to fill up. That’s my only qualm. But, that’s it.

  • Wolcat

    Hi, thanks for your honest review. I think I know which one to buy! Keep up the good work.

  • Dexter

    I have had my Herbalaire for about 5 years now and am very happy with it. It works as well as it did when I first got it. I got it before they developed a bag system for it as on the later models. I have no need for the bag system because the Teflon straw is perfectly fine for me.

  • Albert

    Small and works wicked. Construction is good enough for me, I dropped it and it survived – grand.

  • Lawrence

    I have found the Herbalaire to be the best vaporizer I have ever owned or used. These factors include: efficiency, reliability,cost,company trustworthiness warranty,simplicity, rapid start-up time, and item adaptability and toughness.


    I use my Herbalaire for 1.5 year. I’ve tried many vaporizers but this one is the best one for sure. With Herbalaire I stopped to smoke at all. I recommend it to everyone who is not sure about it

  • Chris

    Seriously a great vaporizer. Heats up fast, makes the most of the vapors and they don’t escape unless you pull. I try to use my HerbalAire as often as possible.

    • Hi Chris, Thanks for stopping by and recommending the HerbalAire.. It is a great vaporizer and a solid one.

  • jared

    i will be buying this, nice review, why isnt it higher on the top 10? lol

  • Joe

    Hows the smell with this?

  • DevilsTrumpet

    I’ve had my HerbalAire for 4 years now,tried others but none have come close to it’s performance.Simple to use,no big learning curve.Relly well engineered,this unit will last for many years.I’m a medical user so I use it several times a day.The unit holds a fair amount and typically the material is spent in thirty minutes,the same time the auto-shut off kicks in.At least I’ve managed to time it out that way.Smaller pieces work best,not large chunks or really ground material.Just pack it in.

    • Thanks, Appreciate the extra usage tips you shared with us!

      • DevilsTrumpet

        Thanks for the excellent review.Usually reviews are long on opinion and short on facts,your article strikes the right balance for the reader.
        Value-wise,this product stands above others.While there is a slightly better machine on the market besides HerbalAire,dollar for dollar the HerbalAire is the better buy.