The Chinese company Smiss has been making vaporizer pens for their own brands and other companies for several years. Now they have taken what they have learned from customers, their own research and from competitors to launch their own dry herb vaporizer.

The FlowerMate V.5.0 – the 5th iteration of Smiss’s Vapormax line – boasts a super low price. But with a single, set temperature, is it a piece of cheapo rubbish, or a serious entry-level, budget handheld?

Ready, Set, Chaaaaarge!

Out of the box, the built in Lithium ion battery fully charged in about 3 hours. A single button in the FlowerMate’s side is pressed five times in quick succession to turn the device on.

Crumbling the dry herbs to pack them inside the oven-style ceramic heating chamber yields the FlowerMate’s first surprise: a white LED in the chamber illuminates the space for easy packing and cleaning. This is a really welcome innovation!

Stashable Glass Mouthpiece

A toughened Pyrex glass mouthpiece is hidden in a compartment in the unit’s base. Slide the hatch open and pop the mouthpiece in to the chamber opening.

With a ceramic heating chamber and glass mouthpiece, pure, great-tasting vapor is a solid promise. Also impressive was a heat up of less than a minute.

The moment of truth: fast extraction and a thick, dense cloud of vapor, with a rich consistency. The FlowerMate truly vaporizes herbs with the simple press of a button.

The Whole Package

The FlowerMate is available in a choice of 8 different colors. The whole kit includes a wall socket (not USB) charger, two spare screens, a packing tool and cleaning brush.

I could not find in the documentation or online what temperature the device is fixed at, but judging by the vapor clouds it’s somewhere in the mid to low end. The clouds are dense, and the herb load is spent fairly quickly.

Energy Management

The 10-15 second wait between draws is shorter than most of its competitors, and the device will heat faster if you put your thumb over the top of the mouthpiece so as to not let heating air escape.

A vaping session lasts for 10 minutes before auto-shut off. This translates to around 17 complete sessions or an impressive 2.5 hours of vaping on a full charge.

Good Clean Fun

The FlowerMate is fairly easy to clean. The filter is protected by a metal screen, so simply brushing that off will take care of any potential clogging. You may need to unscrew it from the mouthpiece.

I’m sure a q-tip with alcohol is fine for cleaning the inside of the chamber, but it didn’t really get sticky in the time I was using it.

Stylish and Stealthy

The FlowerMate is a nice palm size – around 10 x 6 x 2 cms. – and weighs just 168 grams. Looking like a cross between a phone and an audio recorder it’s pretty stealthy in use. The stealth factor is boosted by the hidden compartment to stash the mouthpiece and the herb chamber also being covered by a slider.

The tiny LED light inside the chamber that shines when the unit is on is something on my wish list for a couple for years now – since I used the DaVinci and found it frustratingly dark, making packing and cleaning more tricky than they needed to be. I hope this cheap, simple innovation spreads to become a standard among handhelds

The Drawback

The main fault of the FlowerMate is the lack of temperature settings for the heating chamber. The Pax and DaVinci let you crank up the heat to produce thicker clouds of vapor. However, FlowerMate omitted this functionality.

To ensure 100% vapor, Smiss have left the temperature set at a mid-to-low level. Sure, you get good, pure vapor, but from using other devices it’s clear that a higher setting wouldn’t cause combustion.

I didn’t find this lack of choice a serious flaw, and Smiss is bringing out a 3 temperature variation if you think it might be for you.

This Chinese entry to the handheld dry herb vaporizer market has such an amazing price point and solid functionality it is a serious threat to the likes of Pax, DaVinci and Solo.

Maintenance and cleaning
are easy and the device has a long battery life. I’d recommend the FlowerMate as an entry-level vape, not just for the low price but the quality of the vapor, and the decent design.