FlashVAPE™ is the fastest-working vape on the market today, each puff done in 5 seconds flat! No warm up time required; it works instantly!

Generally, when approaching a new vape design for the first time it’s a good test of the intuitiveness of use to see if you can get the device up and vaping without looking at the manual.

So when the FlashVAPE arrived in a brown box with no manual, this was not a cause for panic. However, on taking the device out, my initial reaction was – what the hell is this? Answer: the craziest looking vape device, with no discernable mode of operation.


I started to twist and pull and the solid-metal black staff gradually came apart to reveal a battery compartment, a glass window that fell out, large ceramic blocks, meshes.

Where does the herb go? How do you inhale? I felt like one of the chimps from 2001: A Space Odyssey, bashing a rock with a bone before chucking it in the air with frustration.


Thankfully, human intelligence took over from blind fumbling; I put the whole thing back together, figured out where the herb goes (answer: a huge, 1 inch-diagonal bowl surrounded by the ceramic core and heating element, and accessed by a twist-off section).

The bowl can hold herbs or solid concentrates and vapor is passed through a replaceable screen to enter the inhalation chamber. You can see the vapor form through the tempered glass window (that only comes out when you unscrew its securing ring for cleaning).


You switch the device on with a button in the base of the FlashVAPE, and a second button on the head is pressed for just 5 seconds to create the vapor. Think ‘flashlight’ and the press-to-vape button is where the flashlight switch would be.

A short glass stem slots into a small vapor exit hole in the side of the vapor chamber with the aid of a rubber seal.


The device uses patented Direct-flow™ side air intakes to ensure a 100% clean air path. The air you breathe in goes directly into the ceramic vape core, bypassing all other compartments such as battery, switches and wiring.

The Ceramic Dura-core™ is the heart of the FlashVAPE. Solidly built and completely clean, it is heated by a 100% stainless steel element with replaceable top screen.

This is heated by high capacity Li-ion (LiFePo4) batteries for extended use (up to 1 hour use on each charge, or good for 2-3 bowls on a single charge). An adjustable plug-in adapter makes the FV available any time at home or on the go.


It’s a gorgeous sleek design, available in black, gun metal, silver or rose gold models, each made from pure anodized aluminum alloy body and a 100% ceramic core.

The FlashVAPE can be taken apart and cleaned easily and can be dipped in isopropyl alcohol up to the base of the ceramic core (including the stainless steel heating element) for easy cleaning! It comes with a two Year international warranty.


There’s a learning curve before you can get the vapor amounts just right, and a range of techniques: press the on button for 5 seconds and inhale, or keep the button depressed while inhaling, or use short pulses of heat and take small sips.

Whatever way you choose, the vapor is clean, tasty and pure, and when you hit the herb just right, generous clouds of it.

The FlashVAPE™ Vaporizer Portable Deluxe Set arrives with 2 x hi -capacity 3.2v Li-ion batteries, 1 x Smart Quick Charger,
2 x glass draw tubes,
2 x draw tube Replacement Seals,
1x multi-purpose brush, and a velvet carrying bag.