Firefly Vaporizer

Shipping just before Christmas, can the much-anticipated Firefly sneak into 2013 and snatch the Vape of the Year?

The Holy Grail of portable vaping is a device that looks great, feels robust, produces excellent vapor, cleans easily, is convenient to carry without a bag or case, holds plenty of battery charge and re-charges quickly.

Meet Firefly: tick, tick, tick and tick.

Firefly is a ‘Dynamic Convection Vaporizer’ that heats herb without burning it, instantly delivering rich, flavorful vapor at the touch of a button.

Its frankly gorgeous design (whether black, red or grey) appeals to both modern and vintage sensibilities, while its unparalleled performance sets a new standard for instant, high quality vapor on the go.

Simplicity Itself

Operation really could not be any easier. Simply remove the slick magnetic lid and place your ground herb in the borosilicate glass heating chamber. Replace the lid and turn on the power.

Press and hold the instant heating button as you inhale, and vaporize as much as you’d like – Firefly efficiently provides rich vapor without overheating or burning your herb, and stops heating as soon as you release the button,

The warm Firefly glow

Visually, the experience is a treat; the heating element turns the glass bowl red as it increases in temperature, producing a magical glow through a small ‘porthole’ in the unit, and from a airflow grill – hence ‘Firefly’.

But what’s really novel is that this heat is ‘dynamic convection’, meaning a low temperature is applied instantly and evenly around the bowl, and it rises to a maximum 400 F. as you keep the button pressed.

Riding the heat curve

This heat curve means that the volatile elements of your herb are released gradually over the duration of the inhalation.

Herbs contain dozens of different flavor and medicinal substances each of which vaporize at different temperatures; in the case of cannabis, we’re talking about the more volatile terpenes and the higher boiling point cannabinoids.

Firefly’s unique heating technology delivers the complete spectrum of flavors and ingredients the moment each one is vaporized. Stop inhalation and temperature instantly drops, so there’s no herb scorching.
The heating element is made from an American-made proprietary alloy that unlike cheap Nichrome elements used in most Vaporizers does not break down under repeated heat cycling.

Clean, cool vapor path

Between the device and its magnetic lid is a stainless plated metal, molded so that it forms a broad cooling pathway to the mouthpiece.

Herb and vapor therefore only ever come into contact with borosilicate glass and metal, maintaining the purity of your vapor. Other vaporizers use plastics in the vapor path, which can distort natural flavors and create undesirable tastes and smells.

Magnetic Lid, Easy Cleaning

Firefly’s easy-access removable lid makes for convenient loading and simple, fast cleaning. In fact it buffs up shiny as a mirror (cleaning kit provided). Other vaporizers’ chambers are narrow and hard-to-reach. They clog easily and can be difficult to load.

The dynamic temperature control responds directly to you without the need for clumsy settings or extra buttons. No matter what your personal preference, you get a perfect puff every time, based purely on what feels best for you – a truly responsive, custom vaporization experience.

Rivals in the Shade

Other vaporizers either don’t offer temperature control or interrupt your experience to force you to choose from a limited set of temperatures. This can lead to incomplete vapor extraction, stale flavor and even burning.

“Set temperatures” cook many flavors off while you wait for the device to heat up, before you even inhale. They also heat slowly like an oven for 60 to 120 seconds and cook your tobacco constantly, even when you’re not inhaling.

High-Powered Charge

Firefly’s swappable battery offers you greater mobility and prevents you from having to wait around to recharge – it powers up quicker and lasts longer. You can also carry a spare battery for longer independence.

Non-replaceable batteries can create an inconvenient need for service as the batteries age and lose charge capacity.

A fully charged battery will deliver up to 50 inhalations depending on individual usage, and recharges in 45 minutes.

Distinctive Design

Firefly evokes both classic and modern style with a timeless, memorable design. It fits comfortably in your hand, with a solidity that screams ‘built to last’. The warm glow of the chamber window lets you see your herb as it vaporizes, providing both a practical and intimate experience.

Firefly banishes the forgettable, derivative blandness or kitschy gadget look of most other portables, and its user experience is second to none.

It comes packaged in an attractive, durable flip-top box with an AC charger, Lithium-ion battery, carrying bag, cleaning tool, extra screens, a quick-start guide and is backed by a 5 year warranty.

The One Quibble

My only criticism of this amazing device is I find the maximum temp is still a fraction too low. The makers say you can “pump” the instant heating button a few times during the inhalation to up the temp, but I can’t yet get this right.

In the event that the temp is a little too high, you can just release the instant heating button earlier and keep inhaling for a “carb” effect.

Tips for use

  • Make sure to press AND hold the instant heating button while inhaling
  • Inhale between 5-15 seconds as desired (Don’t just “sip” as with other lower flow vaporizers)
  • Make sure the material is well ground
  • Experiment with different amounts of material in the heating chamber – a loosely packed chamber is best, filled to the top.
  • Turn the material after every 5 hits or so
  • Make sure top plate and lid surfaces are clean so lid seals effectively. You may need to jiggle it slightly to get a firm seal. Failure to do so means you can end up with herb in your mouth.

Where to Buy One

At the moment it is available for pre-order only. One of the few place you can get yourself a Firefly is at Vape World for $269.95.