Ele-Ele-Ele-Elevape Me

The Elevape Smart is a true convection vaporizer built with the serious vaper in mind. It’s near indestructible, attractive and functional. Most audaciously, it produces instant vapor!

My Elevape Smart arrives fresh from the unboxing video boys, who plonk it on my table and challenge me to take a hit. It sits there, all sleek, matt black and enigmatic. I can’t even figure out how to turn the thing on…and fail.

In fact, the Elevape Smart operates by simply taking a puff on the mouthpiece. This activates the heating coil and heat up is immediate. Yes folks, here we have the absolute no-wait vape; it’s got to be some kind of Holy Grail moment!

Design Brief: High Ideals

The Elevape was developed by IpuffUSA (founded 2010 in San Diego, California) with the express intent of creating “the most user friendly, most efficient, and stealthiest portable vaporizer on the market.”

Tasked with this tall order was a team of 7 engineers with experience in thermodynamics, sensing systems, airflow analysis, software development and product design.

As Hard as They Come

The Elevape Smart is the fruit of this 4-year R&D project. It’s made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. It will be interesting to see how many they get returned, because the Smart is one solid vape. Precision machined entirely out of aircraft grade aluminum, you could drive a truck over this baby and still get good vape.

And it would still look great. It’s surface treated with a smooth finish in the vapor path for easy cleaning, and the outer surface is glass bead blasted and anodized for a great hand feel and elegant finish. There are no flimsy plastic parts whatsoever.

The battery, with light to normal usage, can last all day; like the heating element it comes with a 1-year warranty. The electronic components in the unit have a lifetime warranty

What You Get

The Elevape arrives in a sturdy flip-top box with packing tool, cleaning brush and three spare screens (one for each screen in the device), a mouthpiece, wall charger, USB Adapter and spare rubber O-ring (the ring provides a better seal around the herb chamber to ensure there is no lost vapor).

But the Elevape’s features are more than merely physical; there’s a lot of smarts active under the hood, and online.

Smart Heat

It uses a proprietary titanium alloy coil as a heat source. The process of vaporizing is controlled by a microprocessor, which monitors the glow given out by the (ceramic covered) heating coil over 100 times a second to maintain a constant temperature in the chamber. It does this by continuously adjusting the temperature-to-airflow ratio during your draw.

The not inconsiderable power required for this comes from a custom-made, 6-cell 1200 MAH lithium polymer battery pack with a 20C discharge rate. This is enough punch to allow the unit to reach the desired vaporizing temperature instantly and maintain a constant temperature in the chamber regardless of draw strength.

The makers suggest 5 hours for an initial full charge, but user reports much quicker. I didn’t time mine, and the most important statistic is that once charged fully, the battery packs enough power for a full day of vaping.

Personalized Temperature Settings

The Smart arrives with 3 temperature presets that come pre-programmed from the factory, chosen with the tiny switch on the side of the vape. But you can also download an app (PC and Mac) from ipuffusa’s website with which you can personalize the 3 temperature settings for optimal efficiency, without combustion, at any herbal moisture content.

The app can be downloaded without registration and with or without usage tracking. However, it is very much worth registering so you can be informed of software updates for the unit to support future interactive features like self diagnostics and a home base forced air ducting station.

I find it really exciting – and you should too! – that this vape will evolve and improve over time without the need to re-purchase updated hardware.

Smart Use

So, to the usage. With the app downloaded and the Smart plugged into my USB socket, I set my 3 temperatures to 335, 350 and 365 degrees F.

A magnetic lid twists off the device to reveal a nice big heating chamber. Leaving the temp switch set at 1, I simply pack, replace the lid and draw. Boom – a cool, tasty hit. Also noticeable is the ease of that draw; you can really get a good lungful.

This easy, instant access is great for someone who needs pain relief at night. No fiddling with an On-switch, plus even a short wait for a light to turn green when you’re in pain can seem like forever. This feature alone will be worth the price.

Gimmicky? Not at all!

You may think – as I did – that this app thing is a bit gimmicky and a little unneeded. What’s wrong with on-board control of heat adjustment? Then I read about a user who’d messed up the software when playing with it, lobotomizing his Smart into a dumb brick.

Rather than packing it up for return, this user contacted the customer service and was informed pleasantly that this was the 21st Century and he only needed to download new software allowing the unit to be re-flashed back to a working state.

Since the herb sits close to the heating element you are bound to get some heat directly from the element. However it is mainly a convection unit. From there, the air path is made of stainless steel.

Cleaning the Smart

Besides using the brush to give the herb chamber a quick brush out after using, a hex key is included for (easily) opening up the unit for an occasional more thorough cleaning.

It fits into its own carrying case with room for the charger and a stash of herbs.

Conclusion: top quality

A lot of thought went into this design and its production quality is a fine example of American craftsmanship. The manufacturer touts this as the last vape you will need to buy. After extensive beta testing, they are confident that their unit is a high quality, efficient, durable and reliable unit.

I have to agree; the Elevape Smart is the start of a whole new branch on the vaporizer ‘Evolutionary Tree’, setting new standards of durability, on-board intelligence and ease of use.