Derailed by Tragedy

That’s the theory at least – and it was working well, until a family tragedy forced me back to the UK for three weeks. I had to leave behind my vaporizer and had run out of Dutch Spirit, so I became re-hooked on smoking roll ups with pure tobacco.

I was back in Holland for only a couple of weeks before the school holidays began and I was off to France for a week with my kids. Again, no vape with me but I did get hold of another couple of packs of Dutch Spirit, which I smoked on and off. But staying with a cigarette smoker and with no weed around, I quickly slipped back into being a 100% tobacco smoker.

And that, my friends, is more or less how it ended. Back in Amsterdam I struggled to pick up the vape habit. My always rather lukewarm enthusiasm for quitting smoking evaporated as my life became a complicated struggle.

The experiment, so pregnant with possibility, had failed, for me, for now. I handed over the Verdamper to the next blogger wanting to give it a trial run and resigned myself to being a tobacco joint smoker for the foreseeable future.

A vape is an aid to quitting tobacco, but…

My conclusion: yes, a vaporizer can be a useful tool in the difficult process of quitting smoking tobacco while remaining a marihuana enthusiast. But you need to really want to quit tobacco – and this time around, I just don’t think I wanted it enough.

There is something uniquely satisfying about the consumption of tobacco joints: the rolling, the sharing, the double nicotine-THC hit firing off those dopamine receptors, the contemplative exhalation.

Yes, I know these are probably the words of a nicotine addict (as opposed to a cannabis addict, which I strongly suspect does not exist), but anyone who’s been there knows what I’m talking about.

PS: I’ll be back, probably with a pocket vape

As a postscript, I had a couple of blasts on the Magic Flight Box portable vape at a party recently and really liked it. Pocket-sized, operating immediately with a simple-to-use battery heated coil, and a tiny inhalation tube (so very little cannabinoid loss from condensation).

It’s perfect for the in-home and outdoor vaper on the move. I loved it, and when I can afford the 40 bucks or so, I’ll be giving this experiment another whack.

So until the next time I indulge in an experiment with vape expectations, I hereby sign off. Thanks for reading!

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