Cloud Vaporizer

The Shape of Vapes to Come?

I’m going to have to make a couple of confessions here, so I’m holding my hand up as I start this review: I’d never vaped with concentrates before. Not the modern super-pure ones anyway (since hash is a concentrate, just with more vegetable matter).

Secondly, not being a concentrate user, I’d kind of ignored the emerging ‘e-pen’ category. You know, e-pens? Technologically situated at the interface between traditional vaporizers and electronic cigarettes?

Enter the Cloud

Cloud Vaporizer

Then I saw the Cloud V Platinum (slightly smaller dimensions than the original), tried it out and was an immediate convert – this thing is a-mazing! I’m just not sure about concentrates, but we’ll be talking about that elsewhere.

It turns out there are dozens of broadly pen-shaped vapes out there. What’s special about the Cloud V is the level of refinement, and the fact that they were the first (and prompted a number of copycat knock-offs).


Pretty as a Picture

The Cloud Vaporizer is barely more than 3 inches long with slim line clean, metallic-finish lines. The mouthpiece pops off to reveal a small chamber heated by a tiny coil. Load a crumb or wax, shatter or khif, pop the mouthpiece back on, hold down the one button for 5 seconds and inhale.

As you can see from the various videos, the Cloud does what it says on the tin: makes whopping clouds of vapor! You can palm the whole device like an e-cigarette, so it is supremely discrete. It is also invisible to metal detectors, so you can travel safely with it.

Cleaning is easy, the battery has a lifetime warranty, it comes in lots of vibrant and cool colors. What more could you want?

Rise of the Zombie Knock-offs

The makers have already picked up 3 High Times awards since launch in 2012, and are currently suing one of the more blatant of the knock-offs.

The Cloud V Platinum price is a bit above the cheaper rip-offs but below the over-engineered pens that do the same job in a less elegant package.

The inhalation is a little forced, taking place through a small hole. In the Platinum model, the mouthpiece tip comes off so you can suck at a more vigorous rate. With the cheaper but no less attractive original Cloud, you can’t.

Future of Vaping?

But is this the ‘future of vaping’ as the makers claim? Not when it can’t handle herb. Europe has been slow to jump on the concentrate train; there are good arguments for and against their use.

We’ll be paying concentrates more attention in the future. Especially now there’s no need for a blowtorch-and-nail contraption.

With good iceolater going for up to 60 Euros a gram in Amsterdam, I’m unlikely to make the Cloud my regular go-to vape. But for a treat now and again? Absolutely!

Where to get one?

Best is to get this from Vapor Nation as they are an authorized reseller.

  • Thanks. I will get someone looking at this. I need to know where did you purchase it?