Cloud 2 Pen

The Cloud 2.0 should not be confused with the original Cloud V pen. There has been some controversy around the construction and naming of these pens. In reality there are many different companies promoting pen vape products similar in construction and design.

The Cloud 2.0 is more or less the same as the Cloud from Cloud Vapes and Atmos Thermo W in shape and function. Like them, the Cloud 2.0 is light, stealthy and easy to use and refill.

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It comes with a loading tool, wall charger and retractable USB charger (although ours arrived without this).

It is best used with wax, and the hit is pretty good, although the draw was the most difficult of the 3 similar sized second-generation e-pens we tried.

Available in 24 unique patterns and colors (some limited-edition), the Cloud 2.0 is fine if a snazzy multi-colored finish is important to you.