All I Want For Christmas

Our Vapebuster team bumped into Santa recently while he was on a quest to find the Cannabis Cup Prize Weed and the best portable vaporizer to add to his bag of goodies.

We followed him around as he sniffed, tested and tasted looking for only the best quality. He left no stone unturned.

He finally settled on 3 portable vaporizers; the Puffit, DaVinci and the Ploom Pax.

Being the outdoorsy man that he is, he needed to test the vaporizers in his preferred setting before he could safely put them under anyone’s Christmas tree.

So off went Santa looking for snow in Amsterdam with his 3 vaporizers in tow. As he slid down the snowy hill, he became more and more convinced that he had found his 3 favorite gifts for this season.

With this comforting thought Santa could finally relax knowing half of his work was done.


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