As I stated last time I would like to fill you in a bit about the Aromed, an ingenious little system that I got a chance to test after using the Vapo. At first, the Aromed looks a bit like it’s from a nuclear powerplant in the eighties. You know, the one Bond always manages to switch off just before the evil Russians blow it up. Anywayz, it looks totally different than the Vapo and is in fact a bit easier in its use. [click to continue…]

Last April, I had to visit the hospital for yet another surgery on cancer in my left arm and hand. It was not an easy surgery, as we had tried to cut the tumors away on two different occasions and it was only shortly after the previous set of three operations on the right hand. A big chunk of meat had to be cut away in order to exterminate the maleficent cells in the arm. I hoped this surgery would work, although I was already aware of the slow advance the cancer was making. [click to continue…]

When I First started to smoke weed at the age of 20, around the same time I had my first cancer-operation, it proved immediately to be a far more effective painkiller than the usual stuff prescribed by doctors. Although you can get a bit drowsy from weed, it is nowhere near as bad as it is with conventional medicine in the same category. Apart from the painkiller effect, it also made me sleep better at night, decreases the itching I always have in my skin and enhances my appetite. [click to continue…]

Bor's Vaporizer Experiment

For the sake of the vapo-experiment it might be worthwhile to know a little bit about me and where I’m from. My name in full would be Bor Waldemar Athony Verkroost and currently I’m living in Amsterdam. Have been for the last four years and like it very much. I was originally born in The Hague in 1978. My parents, both of them working in the TV-business, met each other while shooting the Dutch version of Sesame Street. I always like to think of myself as the son of Bert and Ernie too, because without them and Jim Henson I wouldn’t be here. Apart from that, I love every Muppet. [click to continue…]

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