Best Vaporizer Buying Guide Holiday Season 2011

best vaporizer buying guide

Ready or not, here it is – Christmas 2011! You’ve got your list of friends and family to buy presents for but where do you begin? Have no fear we’re here. Our elves have made it easy for you with this short, easy to digest vaporizer buying guide that should satisfy your gift recipients and your budget. If your looking to find the best vaporizer for the money your at the right place.

Best Portable Vaporizers

Portable Vaporizers are the perfect gift for the busy person, the private person, the traveler, the practical person, the gadget geek and the person who just loves everything compact. Who doesn’t want a pocket vaporizer as a Xmas present right?

best vaporizer magic flight launch box

Magic Flight Launch Box $119

This is one of the cheapest portable vaporizers and also one of the  smallest vaporizers that really is a vaporizer and not a pipe. The Magic Flight Box may not be one of the best but it’s one of the most affordable and it’s so compact that you can take it everywhere you go.

This is a great gift for the friend that wants to quit smoking or the person who needs something so small they can fit it in their purse or back pocket. Magic Flight Box vaporizer


best vaporizer wispr vaporizer

Iolite WISPR $269

Named for how quiet it is, this portable vaporizer is a flash back to the 70’s. Its walkie-talkie design comes in 5 retro colors and weighs in at 126 grams (4.5oz). You never have to worry about re-charging batteries or dealing with cords because this is a butane-based device. It’s super light with a folding mouthpiece, which tucks into the units’ body.

This best vaporizer should appeal to the fashion minded, the retro enthusiasts and those that are looking for something they can leave on their desks at work.  Wispr vaporizer review


best vaporizer arizer solo

Arizer Solo Vaporizer $289

The Solo is one of newest and greatest portables in Vape technology. It’s one of the few of this size that has an advanced temperature control that ranges between 50°C/122°F – 210°C/410°F. The Solo runs on a built-in lithium battery pack that runs for 4 hours (more than enough time even for extremists).

It feels nice and solid in your hand and is about the size of most smart phones.

This is the perfect gift for those quality lovers.  Arizer Solo vaporizer review

The Best Vaporizer Despite the Price

An Electric Vaporizer is the best gift for people who are couch surfers, for the purists, for the connoisseurs of taste, for the people that want long-lasting solid machines and for the people who need it for medical reasons.

best vaporizer arizer extreme q vaporizer

Extreme Q Vaporizer $269

This is half the price of the Volcano and equally as good in every sense. It even has a dual delivery method and it’s smaller than the Volcano. The Extreme Q is the perfect alternative for those that are on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality. Extreme Q vaporizer review


best vaporizer vivape vaporizer

viVape Vaporizer $449 (pre-order now and receive a $50 rebate)

This Apple look-alike has everyone talking. It isn’t out yet but people are rushing to pre-order it. If you pre-order now you’ll receive a $50 rebate. This digital vaporizer comes the closest in design (touch screen settings) and size to the smart phones (especially the iPhone). The viVape has a dual delivery method so it will satisfy those with dual needs and it’s known for it’s advanced temperature technology. So for your friends that love their iPhone or have been waiting for a vaporizer that they can carry in their briefcase this is the perfect vape. viVape vaporizer review


best vaporizer volcano digital vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer $539

Nothing beats the Volcano; it’s considered the Rolls Royce amongst vaporizers. The best vaporizer experts LOVE this one despite it’s high price tag and decide to purchase the Volcano vaporizer nevertheless. It’s solid, easy to use, you can cook with it and delivers great taste. If you want your Vape aficionado forever devoted to you, get him or her this one.

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