Atmos Rx Dry Herb Vape

Advertised as the world’s smallest portable vape when it was released, the 5-inch by ½ inch Rx has since been beaten in size by the new Rx Junior, a tad over 4-inches long.

However, this original Rx is still an impressive piece of kit that unlike most e-pens works with dried herb and also works with an accessory that allows the unit to work with essential oils and concentrates.


The Rx arrives in a small, attractive box containing:

  • custom Rx battery
  • quality ceramic heating chamber
  • rubber mouthpiece
  • a number of intermediary pieces inside these three components (spring, mesh, ceramic filter)
  • accessories: cleaning brush, packing tool, wall adapter, USB charger and user manual


Screwing the small but sturdy 3-part metal system together, the chamber is easily loaded.

The Rx reaches a maximum temperature of 400 Degrees F° and a minimum temperature of 375 Degrees F° in less than 10 seconds. The actual temperature is dictated by the rate of the draw along with placement of the blend inside the heating chamber.

We tested the blue model; it also comes in black, purple, grey and green. Atmos claims over 72 hours of continuous vaporization possible on a full 2-hour charge.

The unique two-part filtration system removes any degraded herb particles first with the medical-grade stainless steel mesh filter followed by a ceramic filter that attaches to the mouthpiece. This not only filters the air passing through the mesh filter, but it also cools the vapor for smoother use.

At the tip of the battery is a blue LED light with electroplate cover, which glows whenever you push the power button. The light also acts as an alert system, letting you know when your battery needs to be recharged.

Another feature is the built-in automatic shut off safety setting after 9 seconds of continuous heat. To reactivate the temperature, simply wait 3 seconds then press the power button down for a couple of seconds.

The Atmos RX Vaporizer is not only one of the best portable, pen-style herbal vapes out there and one of the easiest to use, it also delivers the best tasting, coolest vapor with the easiest draw of all the pen vapes we tried.