Atmos Raw Vaporizer

The Atmos Raw Vaporizer

Marketed as a vaporizer, the new Atmos Raw is an amazingly compact, and intelligently designed battery-operated smoking device. The classy pen-style design and rapid heating technology make it one, if not the best looking pen vaporizer, I’ve ever seen.

What exactly makes a vaporizer a vaporizer? Well, for those unfamiliar to the process, vaporization is the changing of a particular matter, say cannabis, into vapor by the process of heating said matter into a vapor.

I was a big fan of the Magic Flight Box and  the pax ploomuntil I met the Atmos Raw. The Apple-style packaging is also very impressive. This thing is simply genius.

Atmos Raw Unboxed

Encased in a rubber cover that comes in 3 different colors (black, grey and blue), the Atmos Raw is composed of seven parts that fit with one another to make the most unique and reliable lightweight 5-inch electronic “blunt” out there.

The Seven Pieces that Make Up the Atmos Raw

Made up of:

  • a self-contained battery;
  • ceramic heating chamber;
  • chamber connector;
  • ceramic filter;
  • mesh filter;
  • metal spring;
  • rubber mouthpiece;

the Atmos Raw looks like something out of Ethan Hunt’s spy kit.

The battery can be charged via electric adapter or USB. This is the first time I’ve seen this feature on a vaporizer. But I have to admit I’m not convinced it’s really vaporizing. Why, you ask?

Well, let’s consider the heating mechanism and heating chamber on the Atmos Raw. Compared to other appropriately named vaporizers, like the Magic Flight Box, the heating chamber is separated from the herbal material by a mesh filter. This means that the herbal material is actually heated to vaporization, instead of being burned in the heat chamber, because the herbal material is never touching the heating coil itself.

The mesh filter separates the herbal material from the heating coil. Although the Atmos Raw does come with a removable mesh filter, I’m not exactly sure how to fit it into the heating chamber so that the material never touches the heating coil, and actually gets vaped.

The VapeBuster crew tried several ways to finagle the mesh filter into the heating chamber to successfully vape some nice herbs, but with no success. The heating coil just doesn’t reach a high enough temperature to heat the herbal material when it’s in the mesh filter, and there’s simply no way to tell how far the bottom of the filter is from the heating coil.

If the makers of the Atmos Raw can figure a way to either make a better mesh filter, or a hotter heating coil, this would, by far, be one of the top performers in the vaporizer universe. But, in the meantime, this seems to be a major flaw, and the makers of the Atmos Raw need to do an upgrade on this unit before they can truly call it a vaporizer.


So, what is the Atmos Raw?

The Atmos Produces a Lot of VaporIt’s one helluva electronic smoking “cigarette”. It smokes like a charm. But that’s just it. It smokes like a charm.

Holding the power button down for less than 2 seconds allows the heating coil to heat up faster than any other electronic smoker I’ve ever seen. Oh and about the power button.. It is a very tiny black button so when we were showing it around in Amsterdam and letting people try it out (yes we love living here), they were having a bit of trouble finding it. So that was a complaint we got a lot.

On the other hand as soon as our willing test subjects tried it out, their biggest response was: ” where do I get this thing. ”

The Atmos Raw is listed at a very justifiable price and has a 3-year parts replacement warranty.

If you want all the health benefits of  a vaporizer then the Atmos Raw is bit of a pain to get working like a real vaporizer, with the mesh and all. But, maybe that’s just me.

It delivers full, thick smoke. And, if you’re not particular about whether you’re smoking or vaping, and you’re looking for a discreet, reliable, compact and battery-operated pen-shaped challis that makes you look like a rock star ready to sign autographs from your Porsche, then the Atmos Raw is most definitely for you. If you are looking for a true vaporizer in the sense that there is absolutely no combustion you should have a look at our detailed Pax vaporizer review by Ploom and our Arizer Solo review. Among the portable vaporizers these two are the best portable vaporizers that are currently available on the market.





  • Mr Sandman

    Great device !! ” Smokes like a charm ” best pipe I tasted so far >
    Thanks for the great reviews ..

    Mr sandman

    • vaporizerblogger

      Thanks Mr Sandman! As you can imagine we love doing these reviews;) The AtmosRaw was a lot of fun.

  • MMrelief

    I have removed the coil/spring and the device works better. I have never produced smoke, just vapor that is not visible. Leaves a great taste in your mouth. I find that I have to use the small spoon and stir the product to truly vaporize it all. Great portable device.

    • vaporizerblogger

      That is a great tip. I’m glad you shared it with us. Thanks.

      It’s funny. In the beginning we had to get used to the fact that vapor isn’t visible. Well not as much as smoke anyway. But the taste you get from your herb with vaporizing is really good in my opinion.

  • Jmcblunt

    My pen came with a glass screen that fits into the heating chamber and I’ve been getting great results with it, although I still think it
    Could get a little hotter

  • Notimpressed

    I have tried my best but this thing does not even vaporize its a electronic pipe no matter what i tried it does not vaporize, a vaporizer needs to have brown herbs when done, this leaves the herb charred, i am sorry to say just because its not using a flame does not mean its a vaporizer. I am now waiting for a Universe herb chamber from Thc Scientific and already have the Thermovape T1 the t1 is a real vaporizer.

    • Webmary

      AGREED. I am thinking about starting a class action lawsuit against the company–so stay tuned because I am going to post the information so all unsatisfied customers can get their money back in full plus a little something extra for the hassle. I don’t normally do this, but they are now screening my calls and won’t even give me store credit at this point.

      • MF

        If you do I would be happy to join Im pissed. I purchased the atoms raw and it is not what is advertised as. The company does not do anything to remedy the situation and the proceed to tell me that im operating it wrong (even though I have followed their instructions). Bottom line is even with their glass piece it combusts whats within the chamber. They keep passing the buck off for me to wait months for the new piece that was said to have been sent by (may 2013) and they wont refund even a partial amount, and at the time of purchase I got three. Big money for them, consumer get an electric pipe, voids all medical benefits for a vaporizer.

      • Luke

        I would like to follow your progress in the matter. Keep me posted.
        Criticalbeatdown86 @

  • VapeKing

    Perhaps the issue is that the Atmos is actually designed to vaporize concentrates?

  • Godsotherdevil

    I love my Atmos Raw!!! it’s so RAW!!!

  • CDS

    You guys are completely irresponsible for listing this as the NUMBER FOUR vaporizer available. Are you insane? It’s a horribly thought out, badly repurposed E-cigarette from China. It is completely inadequate for vaporizing herbal material or concentrates. It’s one of the WORST vaporizers, in that it’s more of a SO-CALLED vaporizer. You should take it off your list completely!

    Someone is going to buy this POS based on your false and fakakta review.

    • Dave

      agreed i have ben using an e cig for a year or so now and the stoners have caught on be the tech is way behind

      • Hi, Thanks for your response. We really appreciate the time you took to voice your concern. We did some extra tests and decided to take Atmos out of the top 10 for now until they improve the device.. I do really like the way the vaporizers are using e cig technology though.

    • Fuck High TImes

      Hey man high times rated it their number 1!!!

      • darc jacobs

        They paid for that I presume.

  • Webmary

    Yeah, it SMOKES like a charm but it doesn’t produce vapor. This thing is a piece of shit and the customer service is horrible. A word to the wise: Do not purchase this thing if you are looking for a true vaporizer. It is an electric pipe and I am filing a claim with the FTC for false advertising. I wouldn’t do that if they would just give me my money back–but they won’t and now they won’t even answer my phone calls. A totally JANKY operation–they are a horrible, horrible company.

  • Aretino

    I bought one from a local merchant. Battery unit was DOA, and local retailer would not accept returns. The manufacturer charged me $20 under WARRANTY for a replacement. This amounts to raising the price of the product after the sale has been made.

  • DanDanaroo

    I just got the Atmos Raw tonight and I was super excited to use it. Well I tried it out and interestingly enough, nothing happened. I’ve since tried it 3 times tonight and I don’t feel/see any evidence that I’m smoking/vaping anything at all. I’ve never owned a vape before, and I know the whole debacle with this particular one , about it not truly being a vaporizer. I personally, don’t really care if it’s vaping or combusting… kind of silly but I just don’t mind either way. But, I was just wondering if it takes a bit to really get rolling, or if I’m just doing something wrong. I’ve tried it with and without the coil/spring, and nothing! My friend just got the Pax and it did take hers a day to really get going but once it was, it was working great! I’m just not sure if I’ve put enough herbs in the chamber, or I’ve put too much, or what the hell I’m doing wrong! I’m desperate to try it! Could it be possible that it’s a just a faulty unit? Any help would be awesome!

    • Hi Dan, First of let me tell you that I know how it feels when you finally get something and then it doesn’t work.. it sucks! The Atmos should be good to go after charging it basically. If it doesn’t work out of the box then I suspect you have a faulty one. I suggest you take action and contact customer service.

      • Tim Wroniak

        I use them and either way if it burns or not. You should only take one solid hit and hold it for 3-4 seconds and pull slow. But you need to clean the chamber daily w alcohol and a q tip and never poke it. Every one of you that says it don’t work you super packed a half gram
        In there clogged it and dug it out and damaged the coil. And I get more high from one chamber than a blunt. Just sayin. You spend 100 on a stupid bong these are dope. Y’all other problem is that if u send them a picture if the bar code they will do the warranty. I delt w them a few times. And then u can find the chambers for 20. It will last for ever if u never poke it. The dude that said it over heated. He ruined the coil and the battery was +- heating up. Sheesh. They work for wax you just put on the side like lil above the coil

  • Jsr

    ive had mine for a week and the heating chamber is broken, the element no longer heats up even with a full battery, doesn’t even warm up. pretty lame.

    luckily i have a spare chamber but they are not cheap to replace. maybe it was may fault when cleaning it i might have run the brush over the element, not sure. i just know it no longer works and has only been used about 10 or 20 times.

  • Bert Quick

    Bought this product, used it once, it got very hot, and quit working. I’m out $189.00 on this non-working piece of crap. Do not Buy. These positive reviews are posted by manufacture or reseller.

    • kaity

      SAME HERE. bought two! the first one broke within a week, and moments ago the second one broke after three weeks. i’m kind of butt hurt over the whole thing.

      • kushmcpiffinton

        yea this author doesn’t know what their talking about. the problem with the atoms raw is that the herb touches the heating coil, the screen filter covers the mouthpiece not the heating piece. I kinda regret spending 130 on this. I mean it gets me lifted as hell, but its not a vaporizer by any means. Im gonna try a glass filter by the coil to create space between the bud and the coil. I also took out the mouthpiece coil and left the filter in, I don’t like how it packs my herb in after its in their for a while

    • deeeznuts

      mine works just fine bro and im just a huge stoner in swanton ohio. smoke away bro

    • Carly

      They gave it an overall 1 out of 5 stars and were very honest about it flaws maybe you read a different review.

  • disappointed

    Used mine for one day and it broke… Junk!

  • JB

    My Atmos Raw arrived with the heating tip broken off. It was a gift. They said to send it in with receipt. Told don’t have receipt. She postulated that it was purchased from either EBay or Amazon…..and since THEY were not AUTHORIZED ATMOS DISTRIBUTORS. Tough luck! I was livid. I sent the damned unused unit telling them______$90 down the drain. Customer service sucks!!!!!!!

  • Chris P. Bacon

    Don’t buy this thing. It is a piece of junk.


    Got my Atmos Raw Green Special Edition and I love it. It comes with a leaning curve and maintenance, but I am enjoying the heck out of it. I does vape you just have to pulse for 3-4 sec bursts it and continually inhale. (5 seconds and you combust it) This is a very small chamber here folks, not a huge do everything for me volcano. This is not for a day one smoker, you have to have some lungs and the ability to learn and adapt a bit to each bowl. Read the directions and do not over pack it. The future is here boys!

  • John B

    Bad experience with Atmos Raw. Heating element was broken. Called customer service and was told that they would replace. I told her ot was a gift and I beleive my friend got it on Ebay. Proceeded to tell me that Amazon and Ebay are not authorized distributors….so tough luck. I am totally serious!!! Was so hacked off…I sent the entire unit to them and told them…..that even if they have a weak moment….please don’t replace!! Starts like junk….ends up like junk’. Largest dispensary in US…. Harborside…doesn’t carry them because they are junk! AMEN!

  • Adam

    I liked the atmos until it came time to clean the pen it was all clogged up and ended up messing up the filament. I bought another atmos from headimedies and it was easy to clean and use. got huge rips off the wax 2.

  • Ryan

    The coustomer service is the worst I’ve encountered with anything. Very uneducated staff. I sent my unit to atmos and when i recieved it back it was not fixed. I was told I needed a new element, bough one an didn’t fix the issue. I called and called & was constantly hung up on or put on hold then hung up on. Then was told to resend it back for the third time and was told it was the battery again so I was told to buy an element that I did not need. When I asked why I was sold a incorrect piece I was told I would eventually need a new element. I asked for Atmos to cover the shipping over night back to me I was talked to like I just asked for the world. If you ever have to deal with the coustomer service staff just cut your losses and go with ANY other brand or buy a new one. I will never buy any product from this d class company. The product works but not worth the run around if you ever have an issue.

  • Info

    You need the glass screen ! It’s odd that in the guide it says that it comes with it . Unfortunately mine didnt but the dude who sold it to me told me to come back if it wasn’t in there . I went back got the glass screen inserted . Held the power button down for 9 seconds let off for 3 than again for 9 let off for 3. Now hold the button down and inhale. I’m happy with tbh , just read the instructions . You have to take the spring out as well when you’re using it to vape. Remove the glass screen and put back the spring if you want it to be more of a smoking Expierence .

  • g

    i dont see any review for the thermovape cera, will that be happening at some point?

  • Seems like a nice product, the price is kinda high when you can purchase electronic cigarette for as low as $10.

  • Vonte

    Hey does anyone know if it leaves a weed smell when used without the glass filter?

  • vapelover

    Atmos is garbage. Tristick vape pens blows atmos out of the water.

  • hmmm

    I work at a headshop, and the number one complaint we hear and get about the Raw is a matter of fact the combustion issue. We ordered a bunch of honeycomb glass screens and tried it out to see if it made more vapor rather than smoke. It helped the slightest bit but definitely still produced. I found tha t if you hold the pen at an angle (bottom side up) it helps also prevent combustion.

    • Thanks for the tip.. Atmos is a difficult one but there are ways.. I’m glad you shared yours with us:)

    • Sid

      I bought this new atmos raw vap from atmos website. When I press the power button, the coil doesn’t get warm, turning red is too far. Do you know how I could make this raw vap work? I am sure I am not the first one who is facing this prob. I’ev read all the posts on this page, thus, I appreciate if you could focus on the working specifications. Thank You.

  • simon segovia

    I bought it
    about 2 months ago, turned out to be extremely useful, I have a volcano at home
    and it is true that there are differences of results.

    Its great
    advantage is that it is truly portable, the worst is actually not vapor only,
    something is burning, I along the brown herb and you can see the difference. It’s
    not intuitive to use, video shows very easy, many never make it to work (funny
    but true), also the location of the herb is not optimal someone said something
    about the T1, I think that’s a great buy a neighbor has one, I think it’s
    better if you care about usability and vap.

    Ahhhhhh the
    greatest thing of this junk is USB, there is always one, I charged once with the
    OTG function of the phone, I was the hero of the day.


  • Email

    Is Atmos Raw the same as AtmosRx? When I go to their site it’s called differently and I’m looking for pure vape not combustion.

  • Sim

    This company is scum. They do not back
    their product but spend tons of time and money making fake good

    I bought a Atmos raw sort of worked for
    about 3 weeks it would burn the material on the bottom and leave the
    top materiel unvaped(basically wasted).

    Now the heating chamber stopped working
    so I called th Atmos they said they only “warranty authorized
    dealers” I asked them if I did pay $200 through an “authorized
    dealer” what they would cover she said- they would send me a new
    chamber for $20. shipping. I said it doesn’t cost $20 to ship
    something that small. She basically told me to go to hell.

  • HeathFinn

    This company is scum. They do not back
    their product but spend tons of time and money making fake good

    I bought a Atmos raw sort of worked for
    about 3 weeks it would burn the material on the bottom and leave the
    top materiel unvaped(basically wasted).

    Now the heating chamber stopped working
    so I called Atmos they said they only “warranty authorized dealers”
    I asked them if I did pay $200 through an “authorized dealer”
    what they would cover she said they would send me a new chamber for
    $20. shipping. I said it doesn’t cost $20 to ship something that
    small. She basically told me to go to hell.

  • Legba’s Cux

    bought mine about 4 months ago. while not a functioning, true vaporizer, it works very well as an incognito smoking device. i found the battery charge will last only a few days(i smoke ALOT). the cons of this product i found were that the chamber is too small. packed full you will only get 2-3 solid hits, and you will need to carry the tools they give you(a little spoon/packer pin thing or your own if u lose it(safety pin, toothpick, or paperclip) to pack the bud in the chamber, remove ashes and to push the unburnt bud down to the element each time. i also found that it can over heat quickly( i use the 7 second method and hit it 2-3 times to get a solid blast). after about a month of everyday use the ceramic filter was clogged with resin and i had a bitch of a time trying to clean it. after reading the inept instruction booklet and searching high and low on the net, i found some advice from a fellow user and i removed the ceramic filter thing in the mouth piece and have had no problems since. and one last con i found was that some people just dont know how to use it, or get inferior results. some people just dont get it, but i believe that has more to do with them then the product.

    after reading all of the horror stories on this page i consider myself lucky. ive had none of their problems. and i am not affiliated or work for atmos – i live in canada, for fuck sakes. but i must admit everyone of my friends who has used this properly has fallen in love with it. this product i believe would work better for some people than others. if you like to party hard, this aint the tool for you(unless you can afford to wipe your arse with $50 bills). i dont know how durable this is, and i dont want to at $180 a pop. but for those of us with sedentary lifestyles this product is perfect. and yes, i would buy it again in a heartbeat. it is really sweet for what it does, and it will surprise you and everyone after the first use.



  • Michael

    First site to show some honest reviews, hmmmm whats next? any returns, any replacements, or credits or refunds?

    Google Atmos Civil Lawsuit RAW2014 for more info! !

  • nothappy

    I got the atmos raw and the damn thing shorted out and burnt up when i charged it. It was given to me as a gift. I was never able to use it, not even once. This product is a piece of -EDIT- shit.

  • The truth

    You all should pick up a magic flight launch box. If you read their manual it reveals the optimal conditions that are needed for herbs to be vaporized vs combusted. Once you are aware of these you can apply the same principles to any vaporizer including the atmos. For instance, the material must be stirred occasionally within the heating chamber. You can’t leave the same material closest to the screen and expect the stuff on the top to be vaporized. It’s all common sense. And don’t expect your heating coils to last forever if you are aggressively cleaning them. You shouldn’t even need to clean the coils if you have the glass screen just the walls of the chamber.

  • FakeVapesSuck

    Horrible. This was sold to me as a vaporizer, and it’s more like a cigarette lighter that breaks after one use. The shop where I bought the first one swapped it out for me, and the SECOND one broke right away too. I wish that I had just sprung for a Pax or other REAL one instead of bargain-shopping!