Ascent By Davinci

We loved the original Da Vinci when we reviewed it at the end of 2012, though we were not uncritical. The herb chamber was awkwardly positioned for filling and cleaning; the flexible inhalation tube had a tendency to fray and break over time.

We’re not saying the manufacturers were hanging on our every word, but they have definitely been listening to their customers – and doing something positive to fix the glitches.


The Ascent portable vaporizer by DaVinci

The resulting successor – the Ascent – is testament to the value of this listening. It is an absolutely stunning piece of work! Beautifully designed, with primo functionality.

There are currently three styles of Ascent Vaporizer. Each uses a brushed aluminum cast body, finished in a high-tech water based printing that gives it a wood (Burl Wood), stealth (Black Rubberized) or croc skin (Faux Croc pattern on leather) finish. Really gorgeous, all of them.


Switching the device on via the recessed master button and second Heat Up button, the Ascent’s twin, non-removable Lithium-ion batteries bring the vapor online in less than 60 seconds! This is much faster than the original Da Vinci, which seemed pretty quick at the time.

Battery life is 1-2 hours depending on temperature (up to 430 F/221 C) and use rather than the 3 hours advertised.


The Ascent sits well in the hand; a good weight (6.8 oz, or the same as the original Da Vinci), its rounded edges and ergonomic design combine to give it a feeling of real quality.

The large (+/- 0.3g) herb chamber is in a swivel base; filling is straightforward but a little tricky in one respect. The unit’s rounded base means it cannot be stood up, so you need to hold the Ascent open with one hand and fill the chamber with the other. This might pose problems for anyone with restricted mobility/shaky hands.


What I like best about the Ascent is it’s the first portable to feature a fully Glass-on-Glass vapor path – and boy, can you taste the quality.

Combined with an air grill in the base to give a fully open draw, the resulting vapor is clean, cool and tasty and you can huff on it as hard and strong as you like.

The all-glass vapor path is achieved by having a glass-lined ceramic bowl that intersects with a glass internal pipe with a splayed, 4-hole junction into which slides the retractable glass mouth straw.

It is quite simple really – ingenious, even.


The pipe-within-a-pipe all comes out easily for cleaning, meaning no gunked-up gauzes or inaccessible niches, ever. This is not trivial!

This openness does mean the occasional intake of herb fragment, but you can add an optional gauze over the bowl if this bothers you. Thanks to 2 tiny glass jars (included) that slide into the bowl, you can also use oils/concentrates in the Ascent.


All this glass is still fragile, despite being surrounded by aluminium. The shock of a drop will most probably break the mouthpiece if it is extended, and maybe even the internal pipe.

The kit comes with spares, but just be careful, ok? You want to play with quality, you gots to pay the price!


The On switch is recessed for safety in the ‘mouth’ end of the Ascent, along with a retractable stirring tool and the lip of the glass straw. A second on switch is on the Ascent’s face.

Temperature setting is via a button and OLED screen on the face of the device. What’s kind of nifty is that you can input a programmable temperature profile, for example have the device hit 370 degrees for 3 minutes, rise to 375 for 2 minutes, and then 380 for 2 minutes before switching itself off.

You will struggle to get 3-hours’ use off a single charge, but juicing up is quick. The Ascent does not have USB charging but comes with a 110-240v wall charger, and a carrying satchel.


The new masterpiece by Da Vinci brings a new benchmark to portable quality, having outstanding design and looks, great functionality and robustness of build.

The vapor is second to none in quality and fast – did I mention fast? We’re talking nought-to-vaping in under a minute! And the OLED tracks the progress, displaying a cute steaming coffee cup when ready.

Further battery-smarts include a motion detector and timer auto-shut off. Truly, we are seeing the evolution of portable vaping before our very eyes!

I can recommend the Ascent without any hesitation, and am confident VapeWorlds legendary customer service will sort any problems you experience promptly. Apparently you can buy peace of mind after all.

  • Thiago

    Hi there,
    Congratulations for the review!

    I would like to buy a good portable vaporizer and im in a doubt between Ascent da vinci or Arizer Solo…I would like to know which one has the best draw.

    • Hi, I am a Solo fan.. but I would say the Ascent is very good also. If you travel a lot or go on trips or are outside a lot then go for Ascent.

      • Steve

        Great while it works (not long)
        To DaVinci

        Jan 28

        a lot of contemplation, on December 12 2013 I purchased what I thought
        would be the best quality vaporizer for my needs, a DaVinci Ascent. I
        purchased the unit at a premium price directly from the manufacturer to
        hopefully avoid any issues. I received the unit on 12/17 it only
        worked for 28 days, Since then I’ve read numerous threads about the same problem over and over again. some have had 4,5 or more units replaced.

        Mar 31

        DaVinci Ascent doesn’t get used every day, maybe 2 or 3 times a week
        for personal use, it’s never abused and is cleaned, and well cared for. I
        don’t buy cheap junk and expect the best, I spend my hard earned money
        on the best quality products to avoid problems with junk. I purchased
        the Ascent at a premium price, directly from Organicix and expected a
        quality product. When it arrived it seemed very sturdy and well built.
        but after less than 4 weeks use (probably a dozen times) the unit
        stopped heating and charging, Organicix said the unit was defective, I
        had to pay $20.00 to have it shipped back and wait for a replacement. My
        replacement unit was not constructed as well as the first, the charging
        plug does not fit very well and the outside case and trim pieces are
        sloppy and loose, but
        at least it worked! Now 7 weeks later my unit stopped heating, AGAIN,
        it still charges this time, but it’s useless. A $270.00 paper weight

        June 9
        purchased the Ascent because I wanted a PORTABLE vaporizer. I hoped to
        bring it camping, front porch, garage, etc. But even with delicate
        handling and proper care and cleaning the Ascent fails miserably. This
        time my unit worked for 6 weeks, it was never even moved away from the
        table next to the couch along with the charger. (real portable) I was
        afraid to even move it to use it, There is no way you could ever take it
        anywhere! and of course it failed! These units are severely flawed,
        poorly designed, terribly assembled, junk. I DON’T LIKE BEING
        SCAMMED!!! Maybe for $40. but now I have just under $300. into this
        scam. How many good people (customers) have you burned?

        I’m on #4 and just wish I had my money back so I could buy one that works, but they will not do that!

        • Anon

          So, that truly sucks and all, but I’ve had one for like 4-5 months now, use it nearly every day, and no problems. Either you’ve been supremely unlucky, to lose 4 of them, or there may be some aspect of your situation that’s causing failure. I blaze up with it once a night on average, rarely do I even run it twice in one night, and I never go over 390F (never seems necessary). I also only plug it in when it needs it, and rarely run it while plugged in, not sure if that matters. I’m also in the US using 110v, if that matters.

          Do you run it a dozen times a day or something?

    • Tim

      Firefly is the best.

  • Michael G Stewart

    You know it is truly not worth the $250.00 for this thing. Go back and read some of the posts these things and maybe not all have a serious defect. I now am on my third replacement and now it won’t shut off. Last time before that couldn’t turn it on. A REAL RIP OFF!!!!!

  • Trent

    Great taste, but battery life is shorter than expected. Biggest problem is the charger. It is very finicky. It stops charging if even bumped so I can’t see how u can use while charging. I emailed them after I purchesed from an electronic ebay store with them replying that they won’t warrenty it because the store was not authorized by DaVinci. What a joke. I bought I online like 95% of all DaVinci’s other sale and they won’t warrenty their product. If I was to buy another vape I wouldnt buy the Ascent because of the service u will get when it need warranty. And you will need warrenty.

    Shame on you DaVinci.

    “The charging port should definitely not be loose but I’m glad the car charger seems to work for you. Please contact your Ebay seller for a replacement charger or a return of your device. Ebay is an unauthorized reseller which means you have no warranty with us.”

    So it’s up to the consumer to check if it’s an authorized dealer and you won’t back your product. I will go somewhere else.

  • Leigh

    If it is bud/flower you want to use it for go with a PAX. This unit is impossible to clean after a dozen or so uses. The glass unit in the middle, the lower part gets really nasty with hardened baked on resin on the glass and you cannot get it off. Even if you soak it in alcohol. Sure, you could keep buying a new one for $13, but the unit is one of the most expensive ones out?