One of our longtime bloggers and member of our Vapebuster Team Bor Verkroost has made the news here in Holland and internationally.

If any of you have followed his blog you will know that he has suffered with EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa, aka ‘blistering skin’) a very rare genetic skin disorder. [click to continue…]

There was a new odor dominating this year’s High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, a smell replacing the skunky fug of previous years. That odour was concentrates. Vaporizer blog takes a first sceptical look at the dabbing phenomenon. [click to continue…]


3 Amsterdam Coffeeshops, 3 Types of Vaporizers, 1 Sensitive Guy

Joints make me puke. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

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Eagle Bill

The modern era of herbal vaporizing owes its existence in large part to the tireless efforts of one Frank William Wood – better known as Eagle Bill.

Bill not only invented several forms of vaporizers (including the 10 gallon jar model he displayed at fairs, cups and shows for dramatic effect), with his championing of the technique he single-handedly put this “safe and effective alternative to smoking” on the map in the years before his death in 2005. [click to continue…]

bill maher and zack galifianakis talking about fake joint

Ok. Granted there’s no real way to know which pro-weed celebrities use a Vaporizer to consume cannabis without asking them personally. And, for some reason, they just aren’t answering my calls (kidding). It would be great if there were a marijuana leaf next to the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or a “Home of the Stars Who Use A Vaporizer” Star Map, or a “Vaporizer to the Stars” search result on Google. But, there isn’t. [click to continue…]

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