AroMed Vaporizer

the Aromed Vaporizer

The AroMed vaporizer was definitely created with medicinal marijuana users in mind.

Well crafted with German ingenuity, the AroMed is one of the few vaporizers out there today that uses a water filtration system to remove impurities from the vapor.

And the AroMed is the only vaporizer of its kind that uses a halogen bulb as the heating device.

Filtrated vapor? That’s as pure as it gets baby!

The AroMed has been on the market since 1997, and it looks like it hasn’t changed at all since its introduction 14 years ago. Research & Experience, the company that makes the Aromed, seem to have stuck with the traditional German style of function over form.

Looking at the AroMed, it looks like it should be in a hospital somewhere, and, luckily for German patients suffering from a wide variety of illnesses that can be treated with cannabis, it is!

If there is any vaporizer that could get overlooked in a hospital’s supply closet, it’s the AroMed.

Although the AroMed is not the best looking vaporizer, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Created from factory-standard medical parts, the AroMed, although not the most attractive model on the runway, consists of genius technology that can make the average vaporizer freak forget about the looks of this ugly duckling.

The hot air generator looks like something from the 1990’s. The water filter attaches to the generator by a single black strap. And, the way the halogen bulb is attached to the generator is laughably old school. But, looks aside, the AroMed does what it was built to do. And, will do it for a long, long time.

Its inner workings and attachments are extremely basic in design. But, this means there are no tiny movable parts (and especially none from plastic) that can easily break.

The AroMed doesn’t even have a fan inside like most other vaporizers. This allows the user to get all of the vapor by inhaling without having any vapor being wasted because it is being blown out by a constantly-spinning fan.

The AroMeds temp range is between 60°C (152°F) and 235°C (455°F). It uses the classic 3-button control feature, with one button to activate the heating device, and the other two buttons for controlling exact heating temperature down to the degree, which is displayed on an LCD screen.

Looking like an old desk lamp, the AroMed does heat up very quickly (because of its halogen bulb), and looks really cool when it is used in dimmed lighting. Ok. Maybe in dim lighting after a few tokes.

As I mentioned earlier, the AroMed uses the air from the users lungs to circulate the hot air through the filling chamber to vape the herbs inside. When this happens, the halogen lamp, lights up brightly, which can be best seen in dark or dimly lit rooms.

Although the AroMed has been around for several years, it’s not the first vaporizer you’ll see at a party. Maybe it’s in more hospitals or medical patients homes.

I could see this vaporizer being more popular with the “no nonsense” generation of seniors, than with nerds and hipsters.

The AroMed costs about €370, which had me scratching my head because it looks like something I can put together myself. One major design flaw is that you can’t see the glass attachment that holds the water for filtration and the LCD display at the same time. Duh!

The AroMed is an extremely unique, reliable and durable vaporizer. I just think Research & Experience should use some more of its research and experience to design something (rather than using prefabricated medical parts) that looks as good as it functions. Or maybe that’s just me.

  • E. Glass

    What a great device. I finally got my hands on the AroMed after saving up for it and I’m happy I did it. It looks complicated and a bit retro but it’s a breeze to work. It heats up quickly and produces such a nice cool clear vapor that’s hard to beat and you can pack it up into a handy carrying case.

  • Gregg

    As a medical user the AroMed has worked the best for me. It’s effective and easy to use and I feel better knowing my lungs are not taking in anything else they don’t need, especially no tobacco. Now I can get the benefits of the herb and not only feel pain relief but feel relieved knowing I’m not hurting any other part of my body.

  • Elbert R.

    This is a great alternative to the Volcano if you’re not interested in the bag. I myself prefer direct inhalation. The vapors taste smooth and rich probably because of the halogen bulb heating element. A lot more affordable than the Volcano, the AroMed is worth buying. The Germans do know how to make their vaporizers.

  • Max Power

    I’m really intrigued by the principle behind vaporizers. The aeromed I like though for small batches the herb is too far away from the heat source. I had to make a ring out of a copper pipe to raise the screen 5mm higher before I was able to get any results.

  • Guest

    I am not a fan of the Volcano and the bag system, and was considering buying the ‘Verdamper’ While in Amsterdam. I liked them after using them in the Museum but found that you had to draw far too hard to get the Vapor. I did not like the smaller ones though which are a jar with a cork top and not much cheaper than the big glass deluxe model. They are also incredibly fragile.
    While in the Flying Dutchman I saw the last Aromed they had for sale for 220 euros and decided to buy it. I knew it was not the 4.0 version but thought it was only a year or two old.
    I got it home to the UK and found that it had a problem keeping the temperature and they had sold me a US version not one for the UK. It was also a really old model that was released in 2004.
    For an extra 100 euros they offered me an upgrade to the 4.0 with a years warranty and its taken 3 weeks and now I have it back and it works perfectly.
    So all together I was able to get the 4.0 model for 320 euros.
    This is a great device and the customer service and quality are first class.

  • I agree. The Aromed is a great vaporizer. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Jerseydvd

    Can you use this with oils and extracts?