Extreme Q Vaporizer

The Extreme q vaporizer by ArizerThe Canadian Company Arizer has created one of my favorite vaporizers.

The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer.

Although it is not really a portable vaporizer, the Extreme Q vaporizer is small enough to take with you on the go, as long as you have somewhere to plug it in.

The Arizer Extreme Q is powered by a 19-volt power adapter.

It even has a power adapter for a cigarette lighter in a car (sold separately).

Honestly, the Q was my introduction to the modern era of vaporizers.

Yes, I am still fairly analog when it comes to vaping. I had the opportunity to test it here in Amsterdam with some fellow Amsterdammers. See video below.

The Q’s outer shell is made from stainless steel, and it doesn’t get very warm on the exterior when in use.

Arizer has been one of the leaders in constructing quality glass parts for their vaporizers, seemingly, since the beginning.

The Extreme Q vaporizer comes with a removable glass “elbow’ which can be used to attach the wand whip, or one of the two balloons that also come with the Arizer Q. The fact that you don’t have to switch the elbow attachment completely, depending on whether you’re using a wand whip or a balloon, made a good impression on me.

The Extreme Q vaporizer heats up rather quickly to any temperature you want to set it to. It takes roughly 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the temp setting you choose. Heating temperatures range from 50°C to 260°C (122°F to 500°F). For it’s size, this thing is a monster! And, I mean that in a good way. Other vaporizers out there of comparable size such as the Silver Surfer or the HerbalAire can’t heat up so hot and maintain such a cool exterior.

Coupled with kick ass ceramic heating technology inside, which has a lifetime warranty, the Extreme Q vaporizer also has an LED screen that displays fan, timer and temperature info.

It also has an auto shut-off feature, which seems to be becoming the standard on most quality vaporizers made these days.

The Q even comes with a remote control for changing your settings from a distance of about three to four meters (10-12 feet) or so. This was a first for me, seeing a remote control feature on any vaporizer.

The only thing that bothers me about this feature is that there is no LED display on the remote itself. The LED screen on the Extreme Q vaporizer is rather small, and could be hard to read from a distance. Without a reading on the remote itself, it could be difficult to know exactly what’s going on with your vaporizer on the other side of the room.

But, without a doubt, the Extreme Q vapes like a charm.

With such a high max temperature, the Q can vape even semi-dank buds with little fuss. We were able to vape some pretty dank Silver Haze that wasn’t completely dried out, which gave me an immediate good impression of the Q.

I call it the Volcano Vaporizer, Jr. I think the Q is a competitor to the larger, more expensive Volcano, and is half the size, and a fraction of the price.

The Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer retails for $ 199,99 (US) at VapeWorld which is an authorized re-seller ( important for warranty).

Out of any of the “stationary” (as opposed to portable) vapes I’ve ever tried, the Extreme Q vaporizer is, by far, one of my favorites.


  • Tracy Slater

    I found this vaporizer to be considerably better than the volcano in a double blind solomon test cross comparison. I would rate this unit at 9.5 out of 10. It would have scored a perfect ten if it had a better valve system like the volcano, but I’m quite content with it’s operational features. It really maximizes the utilization that you get from your herbal blend over other vaporizing methodologies.

    • marcie

      When you say “maximizes the utilization of the herb” does that mean the dry material, after being vaped, can be used to make tinctures and oils? Thanks for any info 🙂

  • Jean T.

    If you’ve made a longterm commitment to not smoking, a vaporizer is the route to go. If you want a quality unit, with more functionality, for a fraction of the price of the “Volcano” name brand, look into an Arizer Extreme Q. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Markus

    I really love the Extreme Q, but I have also fallen in love with my Arizer Solo. A great portable and it heats up pretty fast. I highly recommend it. Got mine here on the cheaps

  • Tony Cruz

    I love my Extreme Q and Solo.  Both are very easy to use and I’ve been amazed at how well they perform.  Definitely 2 of the best vaporizers on the market   I found mine at aromatek.net for less than $200, which is a great deal.

  • Aviya_new

    where im amsterdam can i buy it ?

  • Bustab

    Thanks for the thorough review, I have now bought one – can’t wait to test it

    • vaporizerblogger

      Hi Bustab, Thanks for the compliment. Keep us updated on how it goes. Happy vaping trails!

  • Wantmanny

    Great vap. Makes you wish you were home

  • Stevenslg

    I haven’t found anything on the internet regarding the three speed fan.  In between hits do you keep the fan running?

    • Bobacadoosh

      NO, I start vaping at 379 F for the first bag. Then 389F for the second. And 401 to 410 on the last smaller bag. ( I bought big bags, I use two big and one small bag and that gets all the goo tasting vapors out of the weed) good luck and get vaped!

  • Alejandro

    Just purchased one yesterday after reading this. I hope it’s as great as it seems! Can’t wait!!

  • Jill

    I started using the Extreme Q about two days ago. It is a great product! The price was very fair for the quality of vaporizer you get. I love the bag attachment for group settings and the hose when I’m vapping alone. The fan isn’t loud on mine and it heats up so fast. You won’t regret buying this vaporizer!!!

  • Jill

    Well, for it’s price anyways.
    Get it. Unh…

  • ricky

    these fail quickly and getting them replaced with cost you lots of coin. arizer customer service said they would replace mine if i had bought it from them directly but since i went through a reseller, tough luck. they are in canada so good luck getting them to honor the warranty if you have problems. you’d be better of buying a quality vaporiser.

    • Hi, Did you buy it from an authorized re-seller then they HAVE to give you good customer service and honor the warranty.

  • silverangel304

    Thank you SO much for this article! My Buddha vaporizer just died today after 5 good years. I always said that when I upgrade I was going to upgrade to a volcano vaporizer, but researching online I came across this article and I am very interested in this vaporizer. I am going to give it a try and purchase it tonight. Thanks again!

    • Thank, I’m glad to be of service. Hope you like your new vape.

  • I use the Extreme Q, it’s excellent machine, would recommend it to others, get high & enjoy!

  • Steve

    Nice honest review, definitely getting one as soon as I can.

  • madiscals

    I just bought this off ebay for $160 after all your mad reviews! I hope its legit though :/ is there a way to tell?? Also, does anyone know where to purchase the car adapter? I’m having no luck…

    • If you purchased from Ebay, you’ll have no warranty my friend.. Arizer doesn’t allow it because you didn’t purhcase from an authorized reseller.

      • John

        Nasty manufacturers… price fixing is evil… how ever it is disguised. Arizer should be hanging their heads in shame.

  • Wolf

    Big disadvantage: the balloon can’t hold the “smoke”. Volcano should be on nr. 1

  • Michael De Waele

    Is er iemand die er een te koop heeft laat het weten micky

  • Michael De Waele

    Is het beter dan een jointje en waar kan ik hem vinden zijn ook fake vapo op de markt ze maken alles na.


    nice review guys

  • Lee Taylor

    can anyone tell me if this vaporizer will work with pollen/hash . I’m new to this 🙂 big thanks L

  • Jaime Friggin Allsup

    I know this is an older article but I just thought others would like to know that I just purchased a Q for $142.50(USD) brand new from Vapor Nation(through your link).

    The have a feature on their site called lowest price guarantee. I simply found the cheapest new Q I could find on google and typed in the price and they accepted it!

    I am in no way affiliated with any companies or anything. Just a medical cannabis user who likes to pass on a pro tip.

    • Hi Jaime.. That’s a really good tip.. Thanks!

  • irememberallthelies

    I got one of these a couple of weeks ago and I love it. Way better than my old one. It helps me conserve and get the mlst pain relief possilbe.