I reckon you’ll still be able to vape glow-in-the-dark mutant buds with the ALIVI8 after a nuclear holocaust. This medical grade steel son-of-a-bitch looks like it was designed in some 1950s Cold War lab to survive.

Like all good ordnance, it packs a decent bang for your buck. It’s simple and effective and you can drop it from a tall building.

As my old dad used to say: If you’re looking for ultimate simplicity and durability, go with machined, medical grade stainless steel.

The ALIVI8 looks like unexploded high calibre ammunition, and it packs a decent bang when it’s in use.


Measuring 4-inches (100 mm) long, the steel version weighs 4 oz (120 g) and colored versions made from anodized aluminium have the same dimensions but with a third of the weight 1.5  oz  (40 g). So it becomes more of a Space Age thing then.

Operating the ALIVI8 is simple too. Just unscrew the herb chamber, load your herb (it’s quite voluminous) and screw back together. A piece of gauze at the end of this metal cigar takes of an applied flame, which heats the air behind it, which is inhaled through the herb chamber behind a second gauze.


Being all metal, you need an electronic lighter to apply the heat for a few seconds, turning the ALIVI8 as you do so. A torch lighter like you need for concentrates is too much.

Inhale for 8-10 seconds and pay attention to the flavour; yes, avoiding overheating is that primitive, or finessed, depending on your view.

The usual disclaimer applies for vapes using a naked flame: practice to avoid combustion or incomplete vaping.



It comes with a stirring tool to refresh the bowl between puffs, though after a few hits the base is too hot to unscrew.

Once you have the knack of using the ALIVI8 you will be rewarded with quality clouds and surprisingly fresh too, thanks to the cooling mass of the solid metal body.

The whole thing unscrews to allow thorough cleaning.



All in all, I found the ALIVI8 to be an interesting device to play with that I can see has practical advantages in high risk or impact situations. It also looks cool enough to share.

It fits in a jean pocket, there are no electronics to charge or screw up and you can get it wet. You could bludgeon a snake with it when camping, not that you would or should. In short, it’s a simple, solid device, the Sputnik of vapes.


A torch lighter is not recommended but one with electronic ignition is. As with all naked flame vapes, it does take a little practice to avoid combustion or incomplete vaping.

Move the flame in circular motion, inhale for 8-10 seconds, pay attention to the flavours to avoid overheating, and stir with the tool that comes with it between puffs for more uniform vaporization (the heat chamber gets too hot to unscrew immediately for herb stirring).


But when you find the sweet spot, the ALIVI8 gives a good, cloudy hit

The device’s mass is put to good use as a heat sink for the vapor; by the time it has wound its way to your mouth, it’s nicely cool. Unscrew the mouthpiece to reveal the cooling fins inside and for cleaning.

The ALIVI8 is very portable, pocketable, and durable, with a nice large herb chamber. The vapor is tasty

* There have been some online insinuations that there may be health issues relating to the metal foam filters in the Alivi8. The makers ( have posted reassurances from the manufacturers of the filters that the material (FeCrAlY) is perfectly safe for use in this particular application.