4 Cigs plus AMNESIA

I started my vaporizer experiment with four cigarettes left and the remains of a gram of a weed going by the name of Amnesia. As usual, I’m working from home, and let’s just say the days can be long, as in the hours drag by unbroken by any social intervention.

In the continuing absence of any kind of working schedule, my day is randomly punctuated by coffee breaks, food when I’m hungry, walking to the shops and a late afternoon stroll round the park, typically.

My first ‘smokeless’ smoking break was at 11 am, when I crumbled 1/3 of a cigarette into the Volcano’s herb chamber, set the temperature for 190 degrees C., and pushed the Heat button.

The Volcano vaporizer converges on its set temperature at around a second per degree, and then I push the Air button to inflate the vapor bag. The air pump is about as noisy as a coffee maker; so no big deal.

The tobacco vapor has a pleasant ‘roasted’ taste to it. But I can’t say I feel anything else. No light-headedness, no slight up-tilt in mood. But it does mean I make it to lunchtime without experiencing any nicotine withdrawal discomfort.

Depending on workload and mood, I’ll often have a light joint after lunch, and today I’m keen to try the other weed in my Volcano. I crumble a usual joint’s worth – maybe 1/10 gram, or a pea-sized lump of bud – into the herb chamber. This Amnesia is dry and highly crystalline and does not need an herb grinder to reduce it to dust.

I try out the lowest recommended heat for cannabis: 180 degrees C. and the Volcano’s bag fills with a creamy vapor. I fill my lungs via the robust detachable mouthpiece and hold for a few seconds before exhaling.

I experience no coughing, and it’s rather pleasant. It doesn’t have the ‘bite’ of a lung-full of smoke – but that’s the smoker in me complaining, and should be seen as a positive feature to non-smokers looking to vaporize their herbs.

I fill a second bag from the same weed half an hour later, and a third a while after that, notching up the temperature to 190 beforehand. These bags are not as creamy.

I feel pleasantly buzzed and quite satisfied; I’m not suddenly prompted to smoke a cigarette or joint, so it looks as though my main fear – that once high my will power would take a dive, or temptation would become easier to give in to – is not justified.

However, as I said, it’s a long day unless I deliberately break it up, and by 7pm I feel like I’ve done enough for the day. I’m overwhelmed by the desire for the sheer languid satisfaction of a real tobacco joint. So I smoke one.

I’m not beating myself up; as I’ve said, I’m observing and noting my feelings and inclinations for the first week or so. I want this transition to being a vape user to be as natural and unforced as possible. Or maybe I’m just a huge apologist for my own smoking habit. Time will tell.

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